Scientists perfect technique to boost capacity of computer storage a thousand-fold

Scientists perfect technique to boost capacity of computer storage a thousand-fold

A new technology for scientists at Alberta University has been thanked.

According to the Physics and Leader’s Department of Education for the New Research, “Essentially, you can take up to 45 million songs on iTunes and store it at a quarterly level.” “Five years ago, it was not possible that we thought possible.”

Scientists used the same technology that made them ready to produce a nuclear scale circuit, which allows you to quickly remove or replace a hydrogen atom. Enables the memory to sync the technology, meaning that it can lead to more efficient types of solid state drives for the computer.

Ready for real world use

The previous discovery of nuclear-scale computer storage was just at low temperatures at low temperatures, but the new memory works at real world temperatures and can be used for common use.

Achill said, “It is often ignored in the non-profit business, the closing user has to face actual transportation.” Our memories are more stable than the room and the atom is correct. ”

Acle explained that technology has instant applications to store data. The next step will include high-speed reading and writing for more flexible applications.

More memory, less space

The Deal works with Professor Robert Vickollo, a physiologist, is an important element in the field of physics. Volk completed the nanotechnology, in which scientists have allowed a single atomic strike on the Silicon Chip – a technique that said that now a typical point has reached.

Volvo said, “With the last last piece of this puzzle, a nuclear scale will be a commercial reality in the near future, in the near future.” His spinf company, working on building atom scale construction, is used for all sectors of technology sector, Quantum Silicon Inc..

To demonstrate a new memory, Aqual, Volcano, and his fellow scientists, recorded the entire alphabet in 138 turbabytes per inch inches, which wrote 350,000 characters in the rice cereals. To turn a turn, Akal also encoded the music memorandum of video game sounds from the ’80s’ and ’90s’.

Nature appears in the current problem of communication, research, “robust and reputable nuclear-scale silicon devices and lithography for monuments”.

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Items provided by Alberta University. Originally written by Jennifer-En-Pascaso. Note: Content style and length can be edited.

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Roshan Achal, Mohammad Rasheed, Jeremiah Krishish, David Chachael, Marco Tyser, طلاقہ Hof, Martin Clown, Jason Putter, Robert A. Volk. Lithography for silicon instruments and memories on a strong and capable optical scale.


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