SeaWorld and ex-boss to pay $5m to settle fraud claim

SeaWorld and ex-boss to pay $5m to settle fraud claim

Seaworld and its former boss claimed that they agreed to pay more than $ 5m to mislead investors on the effect of documentary film Blackfish.

The American regulator said that firm and James Einstein influence the firm’s credibility and business.

2013 The American film was about Killer Valley in the sea park named Tulkum, and maintained Yak in prison and in prison.

Negative publication drops drop in incoming numbers in Sea View.

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Sea View and Mr Austerson have “incredible and misleading statements or expenses” since December 2013 before affecting the attendance on regulatory files, income releases in July 13, 2014.

Due to the sharp drop at the cost of Naval Sea Sea shares – almost a third in a day.

Steven Pepp, co-director of the SN enforcement division, said, “This case provides timely and accurate information to provide the company for investment, which has a negative effect on its business.”
The Sea of ​​America and Mr Atkins agreed to pay $ 4m (£ 3m) and $ 1m in order to resolve the claim, but it has not accepted or rejected the results of the SC.

Mr. Hessison resigned as Chief Executive in early 2015.

In a statement by Mr and Mrs. Automotive, Sea View said that it is happy to solve and to focus on customers, save animals and provide “global livestock care”.

Seaworld has struggled to reverse the effects of Black Fish, as a result, with sales and incoming numbers, it has reported an $ 20 million reduction report for the 2017 fiscal year.

Sea View, which has 12 parks across the United States, ended its conflict-winning program in 2016, and it also said that it would exit its Live Oak Show.

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