Senate gives another 3-month extension in FBR officers’ case


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The Senate State Committee took the alleged corruption officers from the office of six months after the break of six months but due to the lack of progress on cases, the Passover took place.

In February this year, the committee standing in consultation with the FBR for a period of at least ten major alleged corruption cases had set a date of three months.

The FBR administration member, Taseem Rehman told the standing committee that we could not finish all matters and ultimately finalize the need for three months. Senator Farooq H Naik of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chaired the committee meeting.
The PTI government appointed Jahan Zub Khan as a new chairman of the FBR on Tuesday, after which no officer was found in the FBR HQ for the leadership of tax machinery. Jahanzeb district belongs to the management group.

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Jahanzeb Khan appointed the chairman to avoid the FBR of corruption

Senator Farooq Nik said, “The committee expresses its failure to not complete the inquiry within three months.” Nevertheless, the last three months of the month to complete the investigation about the ability to control the FBR’s ability against their officers.

As of November 2015, approximately 180 FBR officers were facing inquiry, under the 1973 Act and the rules of discipline. Their cases have to be pending due to the support they received from the FBR within them. In most cases, the authorities have been accused of corruption and failure. Some of them have received the orders of the house.

The Senate is trying these people for over a year, but there is no use. Even the Prime Minister’s office had pushed these cases in November last year, but later he stopped pursuing them.

In February, the special panel of the Senate State Committee has also directed the FBR to reopen all the matters, where the FBR’s top management has given extraordinary punishment to the officers or made by them. Despite illegal acts.

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As a test case, the committee demanded FBR to eliminate 10 major cases in three months. At the meeting of the February, former FBR former director Shahid Jatai and Tanvir Malik, currently working as Director General to expand the tax base in the FBR, it was said that it was “a strict criminal in FBR” Were there


FBR set to identify new taxpayers

The special panel sent some cases to the National Accountability Bureau, including Asif Rasool, Sajid Hussaini and Abdul Hamid Abro. The messenger has been allegedly accused of bankruptcy of 92 billion rupees, according to Fatima Enterprises, Multan, the company’s sales revenue was allegedly hidden from 2008 to 2011. A strictly condemned and hated civil service of Pakistan. The country then said that the brain issued a refund of the budget of Bogus and was part of a group. The committee also decided to send the case of NAB, which allegedly issued a refund of the Bojas.

Despite the alleged allegations against the FBR, the FBR has rejected 1 grade officer Asim Siddiqui. He is the alleged director of two foreign companies.

FOB tax instability schemes include foreign income

PTI’s counselor Mohsen Aziz told Wednesday that during the investigation it was realized that FBI has deliberately investigated the investigation into the investigation.

Muslim League (N) Senator Mustafa Malik said that the FBR had promised that it had given parliament to end the inquiry within three months.

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But Taseem Rehman said that some cases have been accused that the officers have taken residential orders from the courts, which prevented the authorities from doing any action.

The chairman committee directed the Chairman of FBR to personally after three months and presented this report in the Senate panel.

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