Smart App Designing Tips To Get You Through

Smart App Designing Tips To Get You Through

We all have mobile applications for various things and the other than its usability; its design is a thing that attracts us towards the app most. This is the reason due to which most companies are taking the route of an app. To keep the consumers entertained, and to generate enough revenues, it is imperative that you create an app. Also, remember that it should be user-friendly and satisfactory to them.

It is must for a mobile application to have a good interface for smooth user experience because; no user will tolerate mistakes of any kind.

To make a good app, it is crucial to design them smartly. So, keep in mind these simple tricks and tips.

App designing tips you must not miss:

1. Color hierarchy and using them according to the brand

As we all know, each color represents something different like red for power, thus they need to be dealt with carefully. Color hierarchy is created when you use a color of the same nature in different variation to represent specific things. Like if you have three buttons- green, dark green and light green. Then it will stand for most important, less important and least important button for the user respectively. Moreover, never use the same color for apps and buttons as they tend to merge.

Another thing to remember is that the color of the app and all of its features must be in sync with your brand. You can’t go for a color scheme that you like but doesn’t go with the firm’s nature and message.  

2. Grids are necessary

Grids are the base and guiding factor of all mobile apps, they are invisible but crucial. All the lines and dots define the paddings and margins of the app, which in turn defines the space you will work with. Also, if you want a consistent look and feel, make sure you have specified width and height.

3. Logo- a must have

We all know that a logo is the visual identity of any brand and this app is part of that brand. So it is imperative to place a logo in the app. Also, don’t spend too much on it, but make sure that it even badly designed. Go for a simple, unique logo that delivers the message of the app and connects strongly with the users. You can easily design a logo with Canva for free. Or you can always hire an expert for the process if money is not your concern.

4. Having a page title is not necessary

A page title in apps takes up unnecessary space, so if you think that they are not required skip them and use the space for more productive things.

Page titles look good in an app but space is very expensive, so skip if not required and use it for search bar as it is a must in most apps.

5. Define the elements and repeat them

The basic idea of this point is uniformity; if you are using one color for the ‘Go’ button and 10x padding screen on one page, then it has to be same for all. This creates a consistency and is known as defining and repeating the elements.

6. Keep updating the designs

Don’t keep using old and outdated designs. To keep the users engaged in your app, you need to update it frequently. Everyday trends change, and if it is a good one, you should definitely follow it. This is the main reason because of which designers are shifting to flat designs. They are modern and similar to the client’s personality. The outdated design is one of the main cause due to which people shift to other apps, thus know your consumers and make changes accordingly.

These tips will definitely help you in developing a smart app, keep updating your app and fix bugs as soon as they crop up.

The one thing you need to remember while designing the app is that every interface like windows, IOS and Android has different guidelines for designing. So follow them otherwise your app won’t get listed in the play/app store. Moreover, have social media buttons like Facebook for signing up the app as it is more convenient.


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