Smartphone app can help diagnose heart rhythm disorder

Smartphone app can help diagnose heart rhythm disorder

London: A smartphone app can help the screen properly for athlete fibrations – one of the most common heart rhythm disease is found. Due to atrial fibration, cause 20-30 percent of all strokes and increases the risk of death before time, but dramatically improves with Outlook oral immune therapy.

Non-diagnosis of nuclear fibers is common and many patients face discomfort. Preview screening is recommended in more than 65, but there are time, logistics, and resource requirements.

Peter Vandervoort of Hasselt University in Belgium, “more and more people have a smart phone with a camera in which they need to detect atrial fusion.”

“This is a low price, in which thousands of people can be screened on the screen for the condition that is becoming more popular and can not be cured until,” Vendorroot said.

This study has examined the possibility of screening and effective screening for the Eilele Fleel, which can be confirmed by the medical euro in the medical euro.

An app is freely available by publishing a token token in the local newspaper. Within 48 hours, 12,328 adults scanned the screen and entered the study.

Participants were instructed to measure their heart’s rhythm twice a day to use their own smartphone. If their hearts like heart blur, breathing or fatigue were tired, they were instructed to integrate them into the app.

The app is used by catching the left index finger for a minute in front of the smartphone camera, during which the nature of photography has heart attack.

Heart rhythm was automatically rated as regular rhythm, prohibited automation, other illegal rhythm, or insufficient quality.

Under the supervision of medical experts, measuring measurement of atrial fibers or other illegal trends was analyzed by experienced medical technicians in analyzing photovoltaic orthography signals.

“Diagnosis of medical technicians shows that the app’s interpretations were very accurate, indicating that this step could be significantly reduced and possibly from the screening program,” Vendorroot said.

He said that according to our study, about 225 people will need to scandal to discover a new civil fusion assessment. This is a less acceptable return that has been given a lower price.

Researchers said, smartphones are becoming popular in older groups, which are more sensitive to the firewall fiber.

Vandervoort said, “This technology is likely to find the original people with the first unreliable unknown pollution so that they can be treated.” MHN


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