SME’s entry into digital economy could boost Asean GDP by up to US$1 trillion: study

industry studies have found, in the digital economy, small businesses of Southeast-East Asia can increase between the total domestic product (GDP) of $ 780 billion and 1.13 dollars.

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In a brief news of the media on Monday, the authors said it is about US $ 200 billion, or 7 percent of ASDP today.

But according to the Advisory Ben and Company report, data locality like non-tariff barriers, logistics and cross-border digital rules, has to face challenges for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) especially.

Growth in the development sectors, such as the trade and development in the region, increased the transit dollar GDP promotion by 2025, as well as the expanding and expanding of digital markets, sector growth could increase production. Technology said Ben researchers.
For example, survey results of 2,300 small enterprises survey, for instance, in the retail sector, SMEs increased by 15 percent on average after changing e-commerce.

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Ben-partner Florian HAP, who jointly led the company’s digital practice in Asia Pacific, told the briefing: “Clearly on the digital level digital, economy will cause any obstacle, such as change Like anybody else, like the rise of computer. You will see the changes in the values ​​and how companies work, people need to be disappointed. ”

He further added: “Overall, retail GDP is actually growing … in much economies – especially, emerging economies throughout the world.”

Still, almost a quarter of SMEs restricted limited border payment options as an important obstacle to selling online internationally, while the three to five decades were told that the supply and export process crossed the border. Trade was barrier.

Another problem indicated in the report is the difference in the worker’s skills, with SME’s two-legs, he says he did not have the necessary digital skills.

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Writers, who finally presented their work at the meeting of Christian Economy Ministers in August, wrote: “To accelerate the results, designing members of the members of the members of the most relevant digital skills to design the road map Should be partnered with the private sector – it has been done in Singapore and Malaysia – and the priority of those programs is sharp for priority sectors. ”

Ben Rice technology technology companies and former Secretary General of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Google and the Sea, were collaborated with Rebecca Fatima Sta Maria.

We look great at e-commerce because more SMEs online tap online in new, fast growing markets online, but it is important,” said Sea Fort and Chief Executive Officer, Lieutenant Fort Liecht. That maximum SME accessibility.

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