Sony is about to launch the new model of Playstation 5

A new year has just started, and there are already many news to talk about, with regards to the technology sector and in particular that of games, both in the field of gaming, and as regards gambling. The great news naturally concerns the new Sony release of the long-awaited product for this 2020: we are of course talking about the new Playstation 5. The news has obviously gone around the world, given that it is a platform where there is a lot of waiting and expectations are naturally very high. According to some rumors and rumors rather accredited, in the circles of the gamer world, the wait could end already in the coming weeks, given that something starts to move in the Sony house, already starting from February, with a launch that concerns an event scheduled in New York on February 16, 2020.

What will the new PS5 model look like?

Whether it is real news or not, it does not matter, given that some information has already been leaked on what the new PS5 will look like, for example the development kit, the commands with the controller that should have, at least according to Wired, the voice assistant integrated, through the use of an environmental microphone, whose function will be to make the user interact, who will be assisted during his matches. Important innovations also regarding the design line, as had already been announced by Sony during the past year. News already confirmed, given that the first images on the appearance of the new console appeared on Twitter. A console that naturally winks at the latest trends in the field of video game technology, as was desirable, in response to the latest releases from the Nintendo company.


The response from the giant Sony has not been lacking and will be something that will be discussed in the coming months, if not more, without taking anything away from all the other gaming platforms. Among the most practiced games of the last few years, the gambling sector, that is, gambling, is undoubtedly confirmed. They range from traditional casino games bets that allow you to bet on sporting events, digital versions of the classic gambling games where luck has always tickled the daring.

Online play today

In the game in digital and multimedia version, it is a software calibrated on a certain number of wins to simulate the ball that rotates on the numbered boxes, with the same result in terms of statistics and possibility of winning; game where as everyone knows it is preferable to choose its classic formula, which unlike the American version, has a lower number of boxes, which actually reduces the possibility of error and therefore increases the chance of winning. There is a whole formula in terms of placing bets and strategy, based on numerical grids, and on bets that can be external as well as internal. The fundamental thing is to interpret this game in its playful and fun conception, playing in moderation and within the limits of legal gambling. The conditions for a year of great news and innovations for the gaming sector are all there, given that we are only at the beginning of this 2020?