Sony WH-CH700N wireless noise canceling headphones review

The CH700N is Sony’s latest pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones. After the excellent 1000XM3, Sony sought to create a more affordable version that will be accessible to more people, and thus the CH700N was born. The new headphones promise comfortable wireless sound, active noise cancellation, and excellent battery life. Today, I will be taking a look at them and see if they are worth your money.


The CH700N have a very standard, unassuming design. It comes in three color variants, although that may vary depending upon your market.

The entire headphone is made out of plastic. The ear cups have a matte finish with a glittery, metallic finish to the back to make things a bit more interesting. The headband has a soft touch pleather material, with a bit of shiny, chrome-like garnish on either end.

The ear pads are covered in more of the pleather material that’s found on the headband. The ear cups are pretty large and accommodating but not too deep and the cushion is also not too dense. Inside, the drivers are covered in a soft mesh fabric on top of a plastic grille.

On the bottom of each ear cup are some controls. On the left speaker is the large power button, which can be pressed and held to turn the headphones on/off or turn on pairing mode. It can also be pressed briefly when the headphones are on to hear the current battery level. Next to it is a microUSB port for charging, somewhat out of place now in late 2018, especially since the 1000XM3 already shipped with USB-C this year. Next to that is a jack for connecting the aux cable for wired audio and next to that is the NC switch.

The NC switch can be configured to do two things. Despite the NC text on the button, by default, it is actually set to invoke Google Assistant on your Android phone. You have to install the Sony Headphones Connect app if you want it to just switch noise canceling on or off.

Also found on the left ear cup is the NFC sensor for quickly pairing your Android devices.



Battery Life

Battery life is always a concern when switching to wireless headphones. You now have yet another device to charge and there is always the anxiety that your headphones might die, especially during long flights.

With the CH700N, however, Sony has solved at least one of those issues. The headphones have a claimed battery life of a staggering 35 hours with NC on, and 40 hours with it off. That’s more than any other headphone in this price range, or even more than many more expensive headphones. If you are a frequent flier, you can pretty much get through even the longest flights in the world on a single charge.

I didn’t quite get around to verifying Sony’s lofty claims but in the three days I’ve been using these headphones, the battery went from 70% that it had from the factory to just 50%. This is with about 3-4 hours of use every day. I think it’s fair to say that Sony’s claim is legitimate but if I ever get the time or muster the patience, I’ll properly test the claim and update the article.



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