Stream Energy’s Digital Voice Service

Since the company was founded in 2005, Stream Energy has grown into much more than just a direct selling energy company. Today, it has branched out to include other services such as Roadside Assistance, Identity Protection, Virtual MD, and Wireless Services. In addition, the company is no longer serving only customers in Texas. The company has expanded to serve customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, and Washington, D.C.

Although Stream Energy is widely recognized as an innovative retail electricity provider, its other services are worth considering as well.

Uncovering Stream Energy’s Services

Stream Energy’s offerings have one main mission: to keep people conveniently connected wherever they are. With its Stream Digital Voice service, customers get the benefits of having a reliable home phone that has the capabilities of a cell phone. All customers have to do is connect the Digital Voice Hub (internet phone adapter) between the phone and modem to enjoy the benefits of high-definition calls. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Do Not Disturb
  • call blocking
  • back-up number (calls are re-routed to another phone number if the internet goes out)
  • voicemail text alerts
  • three-way conferencing
  • an email or text alert if 911 is called from a customer’s residence

Digital Voice Air

If customers would like the ability to connect to Wifi in any room, they can add the Digital Voice Air Adapter. This wireless and Bluetooth adapter allows customers to use the Hub in any location, answer calls with a hands-free headset, and pair up to seven Bluetooth devices.

Digital Voice Bridge

The Digital Voice Bridge is another convenient option that Stream Energy offers its customers. It’s the perfect solution for individuals that work from home. The adapter can easily connect to fax machines and is perfect for homes with multiple phones.

Other Feature Services

If a customer would like to keep their current phone number or choose their own phone number, this is also feasible. Lastly, international calling allows customers to stay connected with family and handle business at an affordable rate. Stream Energy customers can choose to pay by the minute or get unlimited minutes by adding a monthly plan.  

Uncovering Digital Voice Trends

Today, it’s very uncommon to walk into someone’s home and see a landline phone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, less than 50 percent of U.S. households still use a landline. However, a recently as 2004, 92 percent of households still used a landline phone.

As mobile devices continue to advance, the need for landline phones ultimately decreases, but digital voice options are becoming more prevalent. With digital phone service, also called VoIP (voice over internet protocol), customers can get more for less. For instance, Stream’s Digital Voice plans start at $14.99/month but a landline phone plan with long-distance calling costs $30-$45/month on average.

Why Choose Digital Phone Service Over a Landline?

If customers are looking at price alone, then digital phone services automatically seem like the more attractive option. However, price is not the only reason to make the switch. While it’s affordable, digital phone services also provide a better quality call and offer no additional fees associated with long-distance calls. By simply looking at what Stream offers, one can see why digital phone service is a more attractive (and even affordable) option.

The benefits of having digital phone service ultimately outweigh the negative aspects, but it’s still important to address the disadvantages. Despite how much technology has improved, one hiccup remains the same: if someone’s internet is disrupted, they cannot use their phone if they have a VoIP setup. This means that in the unlikely event of a power outage, people with landline phones can still make calls.

Stream Energy understands this concern, which is why its Digital Voice service allows customers to reroute calls to another phone number in the event of an internet outage.

911 Calls and Digital Voice Services

One other disadvantage of having digital phone service is that it might not be connected to one’s local emergency service. Traditional landline phones are already connected, so it’s easy for a dispatcher to see exactly where someone is calling from.

Stream Energy combats this issue by allowing customers to add their residential addresses when they register online. Therefore, if someone dials 911 from a customer’s home, the emergency response personnel will be sent that information.

Digital Voice Trends to Watch

Technology is continuously improving, so advances in digital phone services will as well. With 5G signals hitting the internet, the quality of phone calls will only improve. That means fewer echoes and vibrations that are occasionally heard while on the phone.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is also something to look for in the digital phone world. Soon, AI technology will be able to recognize bad call quality and correct the problem itself. Issues like low bandwidth and incorrect network configurations will not require human intervention.

Lastly, voice assistants won’t just be restricted to mobile phones, especially in the business world. The hope is that voice assistants will be able to handle simple commands (similar to Alexa and Siri) so that customer service representatives can handle more complex issues.

Stream Energy prides itself on offering customers quality services at affordable rates. The fast-growing firm has done so by being continuously innovative, listening to its customer base, and hiring outstanding Independent Associates. Customers can count on this well-known retail electricity provider to provide quality offerings in all areas. By being aware of the current trends, it is already a step ahead of the game.