TCS pips Reliance to become most valued firm again

New Delhi, August 10: Tata Consultancy Services have passed before the RL emerging as the country’s most valuable firm by evaluation in the market today. TCS ‘market investment (M.K.P.) is near Rs 7,63,360.46 crores near BBC today. Stood at Rs 307.42 crores. The release is more than Rs 7,63,053.04 crore compared to the industry.
TCS shares increased by 0.98 percent to BSE Rs 1,993.85 while the RL paid 1.15% to Rs 1,204.

Releases Industry appreciated the importance of TTC on August 8 to client the status of the most valuable company by M. Cap.

However, his power was short at the top place, because today, yesterday the total number of M cap spreading to the other.

In the last few days, TCC and RL are competing hard for most of the most valuable firm titles.

On July 31, the railway industry regained its status as the country’s most valuable firm, after which Tata Group Taj Tauri replaced TTC with the slot at the top.

However, on August 1, the TCC announced the market’s most valuable firm by the market cap, the release industry emphasized on the other hand.

IT was first converted RIL as the most valued firm five years ago.
The release industry targeted $ 100 billion in the last month.

On July 13, the RM’s RM’s cap was shortly surged by a mark of Rs 7 lakh crore, making it the second company after making TCC for achieving Sangi.

After July 20, the rail’s market price for the second time in a week is Rs 7 lakh. Over.M caps of companies change with daily stock movement movement.