Tech Gadgets That Should Be Wireless Other Than the iPhone 7

With a wireless revolution in mind, here are some tech devices that deserve only one wireless treatment to experience your iPhone 7 more seriously, but further enhance the wireless experience agenda and finally from all wireless All gadgets that we can possibly go out for our convenience.

Laptop and PC wireless charge

How much more laptop and desktop computers can they do with their small counterparts that are able to do smartphones? The size of standard computers in which tech innovation can easily exploit. So, there is really no reason why nothing should happen soon.

Apparently, a tech company has finally focused on this long-term technical development and has taken the first step in charging a wireless charge for desktop computers and laptops. A Friendship company of Wait Tracking, which has started a wireless charging technology starting with a deal laptop. Basically, the Dale Laptop started charging this technological revolution in laptops, however, it did not get more media mood as the ability to charge the iPhone 7 airport or the latest smartphone’s wireless charge. The charge of charging the wireless charge for laptops is in a form of mask, which is placed on a laptop, only the battery charge will move. Smartphone charging feature much more like a feature.

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Wireless external hard disk driver

External hard disk drives have been one of the weapons to fight against inadequate storage space on your laptop or desktop. Most of them specifically play macbooks or ultrabics, which contain only a limited amount of storage space, is not enough to collect the entire movie with you. Even though the external hard drives have struggled to maximize our storage space, this better improves the experience to be done wirelessly.

My passport is the next step in the evolution of wireless external hard drives that we use today. By name, they can not connect files to your computer – sync, literally, and can. This state of art external hard drives uses the latest wireless technology, which is called Wireless Anne and MIMO technology.

To simplify things, Wireless En is the next-generation wireless networking standard used by WiFi routers. This is basically the technology that wires wireless signal from WiFi routers. However, wireless antenna is very fast depending on the speed of transfer. On the other hand, MIMO technology stands for multiple inputs, multiple outputs. This is basically an antenna that allows the device to transmitter the transmitter and the transfer of wirelessly transmitted data. This technology is not possible for my passport wireless to be able to just become a wireless storage device, but also WiFi hub.

My passport is slightly larger than the wireless traditional external hard disk because the board has 3,400 MW battery. At the top of it, he has a micro SD slot and a USB 3.0 port that still prefers to work with a bone.

Wireless HDMI

Looking at a movie from a smartphone or a laptop, wireless technology is already connected to the experience for some time already. With this in mind, at the moment we take our hands on wireless HDMI. This is basically the place of HDMI bone in which we usually use our DVDs, Blue-ray players, or gaming console today. This technology comes in a form of adapter, which you can easily plug in to the device’s HDMM port where you want to display your display. This adapter will then transfer the signal to the wireless devices like your smartphone, DVR, laptop and choice. Just sync with it and you’re good to go.

Unfortunately, wireless HDML has not reached the mainstream market market. However, once the central mainstream complete market has been fully developed to complete completely, you should not really stop getting it. Not only will it be regardless of the need to use your cable, but your source range will be a minor factor, since then you have the blue rie player in the next room, it will not be a problem now.

Now we live in the era of wireless communication. Whether it’s communication between two people or communicating or an electronic device working together. There is no other way to move towards our innovation but to go wireless. And, with the release of iPhone 7, this feature has only been strengthened with the introduction of Jack Free Audio Experience. Now, with all the wireless phone policy, the wireless revolution should be taken completely for its users.

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