Tech Tent: Your data in political hands?

Tech Tent: Your data in political hands?

When you submit your data to a social network, or credit rating agency, or even mother and child’s club, you do not expect exploiting for political purposes.

But an exciting new report from UK data regulator describes in some detail how it is. On this week’s Tech Tent Podcast, we discuss the global impact of this trade in figures.

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The information commissioner’s investigation started more than a year ago, to see that personal data can be misused during the EU referendum.

But he got a new focus, as a result of which political consultation Cambridge analyst had received Facebook’s figure of 87 million people.

Social media giant is now facing $ 500,000 because its users’ failure to secure data failures or transparency. It is a pancake in a company’s finance that was $ 41 billion (31 billion pounds) in the previous year, but maximum permission was given under the rules of the old figure.

Under the new process, which looks like the EU GDPP, Facebook can be punished as 4 percent in global business. According to me it is more than one billion pounds.

But Frederick Klounnner of Privacy International tells the program, Watch Dog action sends a signal about acceptable behavior.

“The failure to follow the basic principle of the Facebook Protection Law failed, which is transparency: be very clear and transparent about what people are doing with the data”.

He explains how the report reveals a wide range of concerns about the various organizations, credit reference executive experts in the parent’s Blog Emma Diary, who regulated a million people figure in Britain’s Labor Party Is charged by.

He says “this is not the consent.” You think you are about to sign up for the parent’s blog and the statistics end up with the political party. ” “Anyone who cares for democracy should be really worried about what’s happening in his data at this time.”

And Ms. Kaltheuner says it is a “dangerous constantly controversial” which we are referring to our data for those goals. He states that many organizations such as experts gather themselves about us – and political discussions and patterns can be developed without such knowledge.

Experts sent the BBC to the BBC in the following statement: “As a highly organized business, we do close work with regulators and strictly enforce all data protection laws Work accordingly. Privacy is on the heart of what we do and be careful about the security and integrity of the data, as we work, about this legitimate use of our data. Our commitment to strict compliance is included. ”

Information Commissioner, Elizabeth is much more than Denham. He is due to show the final results of his investigation in October.

Then we can only learn more about what happened during the EU referendum campaign. The regulator has confirmed that whether the second source of the database – the founder of the campaign group, the Aeron Banks motor insurance business was used for political purposes.

Exit polls and rest of campaign data analysis activities are also under the microscope.

When its initial report was published, Elizabeth Dinham told me that his aim was to “keep the curtains back” and show people who share data brokers, social media companies and political figures with their data. Used to do

Be prepared to open more eyes for opening this inquiry.


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