Tesla-connected smart air conditioning now being targeted by Elon Musk!

Being the strongest determinant of our comfort, most of us already know that our air conditioners are the most energy-consuming appliance which we use.

It becomes essential to optimize it and make it smarter for a smoother, seamless, and more energy-efficient experience when something takes up such a large space in our life.

Are you looking for air conditioners in a smarter way?

Creating custom cooling schedules based on your daily activities along with cooling your room from anywhere using your smartphone is now possible! Smart air conditioners are just for you

All you require is a WiFi connection as a smart air conditioner means that you can turn the cooling unit on before you get home or you can also control.


The evolution of technology has allowed us to utilize the best of comforts which we can ever have. This led to the evolution of smart air conditioners.

In the warmer months, there is a rapid increase in energy consumption as the average home uses around 908 kWh of electricity each month.

Heating and cooling alone comprise about 300 kWh of that consumption. It attracts a lot of attention when the average person spends about one-third of their utility bills on keeping their home comfortable.


The target set for Tesla-connected smart air conditioners.

There is a possibility of a Tesla-connected smart air conditioner in a recent interview with Joe Rogan; this is what is hinted by Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla!

To setup completely solar-powered factories for Tesla as well as smaller solar panel setups for consumer use is one what Musk has already worked on.

He began to speak about air conditioning in this conversation. He speaks of targeting on some basic stuff like they should be able to predict when a person is going to be at home and then cool the room accordingly. This is what the smartness would be all about.

All he went on to comment is that the air con unit is connected to a vehicle like the Tesla and it would activate while you are about to arrive at home.

This would make it possible to keep a home comfortable without the constant use of energy and this would also cut down on the amount of energy which issued.

The Tesla vehicles are trackable through the mobile app and it would give the app the ability to communicate with a smart air conditioner to implement this system. This is what is said by Musk.

Musk commented that he would not be able to answer questions about the potential future products when he was asked whether Tesla had ideas in mind for a specific air conditioning system or not.

It makes sense when it comes to his answer while being evasive. In the competitive and growing markets like smart home technology, no company, along with Geminair would want to show its hand.

Citing Tesla’s focus on electric vehicles rather than smart homes, are the two things which are not mutually exclusive although many have criticized the conversation.

To fit in with Tesla’s mission statement, Musk has always focused on sustainable energy and a connected air conditioning system that makes smarter use of energy.

If Musk finds a way to produce products which use less energy and can tap into the consumer-grade solar panels which Tesla sells, Tesla Smart Home might be readily available in time.

What do you understand about a smart air conditioner?

An electronic air conditioner which is able to connect to the internet and thereby controllable by a mobile app on your smartphone is what a smart air conditioner is.

You can now manage and monitor the air conditioner’s status and a range of settings from anywhere and anytime using smart air conditioners.

All you require is a compatible Android or iOS smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection. And with the statement made by Elon Musk, you can now have your Tesla connected to your smart air conditioner.

You will be able to perform the following with smart air conditioners:

  • Creating your own cooling schedule.
  • Monitor and control all settings through a mobile app.
  • To allow you to come home to a frosty house after a day out

by controlling settings away from home.



  • Knowing how much power the AC has consumed.
  • Knowing when it is time to clean the filter.
  • Based on current weather conditions and the number of people who are in the room setting cooling temperature.


You will want to know what is the best smart air conditioner and where can you get one before you head to shops if you are ready to beat the heat with a smart air conditioner.

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