Tesla worried by China tariffs even as deliveries surge


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Reuters: Tottena Inc. announced a quarterly performance record on Tuesday, but warned major problems in selling vehicles in China due to the new tariffs that it accelerated investment in its factory in Shanghai. Forced

In July, China raised tariffs on the import of US auto 40% during the worst trade war with the United States. Taille said the tariff and transport costs were harming the sale of tiles in the world’s largest electric car market, which was sending 2 percent shares to 304.37 shares.

The company said, “By delaying the cost of transport in the sea and delay in import prices, Tcela is operating at a loss of 55% to 60% cost compared to the locally generated vehicle in China.”

Californian based electrical worker, who emerged for several months, has been producing 80,142 vehicles in the third quarter, due to his tweeting head executive Alon Mick, 50% jumps from the first quarter. Because the company tries to promote volume production.

Tesla has developed model 3 customers to get hands, most of whom are waiting from the beginning of 2016. Many vehicles around California have waited for transportation, and Musk said in the past month that the third “supply of hell hell” logistics hell. ”

Tesla saved 83,500 actions, including 55,840 models 3 percent, which predicted Wall Street. This quarter closed close to September 30. Mrs volunteered to volunteer delivery centers to Tasla owners so that new employees raised their model 3s and answered questions. And review the car.

Tysla has reduced the number of models number 3 in the second quarter, with 15% of the model 3% received in 60% in the second quarter, analysts as future indicators and continuous performance indicators. Viewed the figure

But the company did not promise MOSS repeatedly that its success would be profitable and cash flow would be positive both in the third and fourth quarter of its company. It is expected to continue monthly financial results next month.

Mick wrote on an email to employees on weekdays that “the company was very close to gaining profits”, but in turn, it must stabilize the formation of a neutral ramp which aims to meet its goals. she does.

The Tesla is burning cash and is holding a promise that can make the model 3s easy for volume and profit reduction. The Tuesday’s announcement has not explained the profit margin for the new car, though Tesla sold high prices at high prices.

Jean Minster, head of the research of Brokerj Loper Ventures, said “The down line is narrow”, which has been estimated that $ 1.5 billion is needed to maintain the testa operations. He ended the second quarter with $ 2.3 billion. “It’s a step in the right direction, but more work is left.”

Tesla is also recovering from the fight against US Securities Regulators, whether he tweeted in August when Mrkck had misled five investors, he was considering taking the company personally and securing the fund.

Tesla and Musk have arrived in a solution on Saturday, where the Arbab Company will come as chairman but will remain as Chief Executive.

Average, Tesla has produced four thousand models 3s during the quarter. It was the first to lose 5,000 vehicles in a week at the end of June, and hoped that the goal of getting 6,000 model 3s a day is to be avoided by the end of August.

China plus

Despite the worst of President Donald Tome’s commercial war with China, Tesla said it was accelerating the construction of Shanghai Geographic, but did not provide any details.

In July, Masak agreements with Chinese officials that a new joint and battery plant in Shanghai, it already has the key to double the United States and its global potential. Local debt, he said, the factory will be promoted, in which Tulla will be estimated to cost US $ 2 billion.

Tigerress Research Analyst Ivan Fiones said that China needs cash for funds outside the plant “Smile continues.”

Referring to the cost of upcoming electric semi-trucks and modest U.V.V., “I believe there will be a need to increase the extra amount even if it is profitable for this quarter.”

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