The 11 most useful features in iOS 12

iOS 12 is here.

Apple announced the latest version of its mobile operating system at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June and updated the public in September, a few days before sending its new phone XS and XS Max.

But if you only update iOS 12 – or maybe you bought the iPhone XS, or the new iPhone X – and you do not believe what’s new, where do you start?

Here are the 11 most useful features to check in iOS 12:

1. One of the best iOS 12 features that you will not get notice too. The software works great on older devices.

Apple iPhone phones start up 40 percent faster, for example, and you can images up to 70 percent of the photos faster. The system is generally smart whenever using power.

2. New gives you on iPhone 12 APA scale, yes, measure the length and length using the default fact.

Simply estimate your phone’s camera what you want to measure, then tap and drag a row with your fingers for your measurement. Measurement app can automatically sizes images and other rectangular images.

3. Apple’s Photos App got a change in iOS 12.

The new “For You” tab lets you see the photos that you took this year in the past year, and shows you a preview of how Apple’s special effects can be applied to your photos. There are tips for new search suggestions for people, places, and even images. And the iOS 12 can also be found which friends are your friends and they offer them to send them photos.

4. The new feature called “Serial Shorts” basically allows you to “If it is,” then “commands for a series”.

You can create a phrase like “I Lost Your Keys” for example, which can trigger your Tile app to alert you so that you can find your keys.

Sri shorts are also active: if Sri is acknowledged that you usually buy coffee in the morning, then it can increase the level of capacity on your lock screen.

5. Apple’s stock app acquired a huge renovation. Now, thank you for an integration with Apple News, stocks can see news titles about you.

6. If you have a car that supports Apple Corp., the first time it provides support for third-party navigation apps for iOS, including Google Maps and Waze.

You can now group notifications by app, topic, or thread, as well as lock the screen settings of each app with the screen.

8. iOS 12 introduces a new feature called Scientific, which gives you data-based insights on how to spend time in your apps.

You can see how often you’re picking up your phone, in which you’re drawing apps, and which apps are sending the most of the notifications.

9. iOS 12 is also called the “app limit” which introduces a special feature that helps you manage your time within certain apps.

If you want to spend just an hour on Instagram per day, you can do it in iOS. Parents can set boundaries by category or individual app for their children.

10. Apple introduced animation last year with iPhone X, but iOS 12 takes animation on a new level. Now you are called “MemoGe”, which can create personal animation.

To create your dreams (or angry) you can quickly choose between tone, fake, hairstyle, head shape, eye color, eyebrows and more.
Animation and MemoGo now work in the Messages app, and your camera can now add filters, text and stickers to your photos and videos, as you can on Snapchat.

Bonus: FaceTime is getting a huge upgrade with introduction of “Group FaceTime,” which supports 32 participants simultaneously with stickers, filters, and animation. Unfortunately, it was not ready for the launch of the IP-12 – this feature is expected to be a software update later this year.