The best free CRM tools to streamline and increase

There are many HubSpot loyalists out there who believe that HubSpot is the best free CRM software available out there. Depending on the size of your business and your motivation for employing a CRM system you can choose a software to enhance your sales CRM.

Some of the key aspects of HubSpot CRM that comes for free are the following

Leads backlog – The fast pace with which it handles and effectively manages leads is truly amazing. It is typically helpful for fast paced, growing companies or startups. It helps in what is called lead enrichment as well.

Integration – You even have a phone integration feature in the free version of HubSpot. Other software can also be integrated

Backup – Leads are backed up and get tracked by an automated system.

Interface – The dropdown features are easy to navigate. The task board is very user friendly.

Pipeline management – Effective automation helps in the sales pipeline management.

Automation – It is synched in with email and social media. It has unlimited storage possibility and considerable contact storage.

Ticketing – It supports ticketing.

If you compare HubSpot CRM with others, then there are many features that definitely stands out. What works better for HubSpot CRM for free are

  • It works well small sized companies
  • The pipeline used for tracking leads is one of the best
  • Dashboard has a good feel to it in comparison to others
  • It not only monitors but even notes down any progress.
  • You get real-time notifications through Sidekick extension
  • Connectivity with social media helps create successful engagement strategies
  • You can synch tools which you have been using, other free software does not let you do that or allows this level of integration
  • HubSpot Marketing Platform has more than 20 options for you to chose from

HubSpot integrates business solution to make business grow. The seamless approach makes it one of the best and most popular choice as well, specially among small business.

So let us now take a look at what general features in HubSpot actually come for free

  • 1,000,000 contacts
  • unlimited users
  • free access to the sales CRM with no time limit
  • Contact integration between HubSpot CRM with the Marketing Hub which can affect Marketing Hub subscription

Here is a list of completely free features offered by HubSpot

  • Contact management
  • Contact & company insights
  • Company records
  • Gmail & Outlook integration
  • Lead analytics dashboard
  • Facebook & Instagram lead ads
  • Support -Team email, chat
  • Phone integration or calling
  • Deals
  • Tasks
  • Ticketing

Other features with limitation or paid services are the following

  • Documentation and canned snippets – Free 5 services per account
  • Forms -Pop-ups there and many of them though free, others come for paid members
  • Contact activity – Free of cost for a period of first seven days
  • Email- 5 free templates and 200 recent tones tracking
  • Reporting and meetings – For one user

HubSpot offers amazing visibility that helps you manage the pipeline best suited for your business’s health. A closer look at your sales funnel will give you the insight on deals won and lost. This can be a great contribution to your business which HubSpot can make happen. It also can sort and streamline with amazing speed and accuracy. The sales process gets amazing clarity with HubSpot. Each customer interaction gets tracked automatically by HubSpot. All your customer interaction details thus can stay easily organized. Coming to its amazing organizational ability, the contacts are well-sorted, and interactions are very coordinated even if they happen across different channels such as email, call or even social media. It also helps in customizing the content you present for your prospective leads. The curated metrics on what works best for your business can help you understand your customer better. The templates though not all are free but helps out greatly the repetitive task of emailing. You also get option to schedule email. Synch options are not just for Gmail or social media and other forum for professional approach but you can synch your personal calendar to keep yourself updated on meetings. The automation is tremendously resourceful and downsizes dreaded boring and repetitive tasks.

HubSpot addresses all CRM system needs and most of it comes for free. From ser to contact management to having bountiful of storage, HubSpot helps in all aspects. It offers one of the most wide range of integration options with other related software. It keeps all your data needs addressed by organizing them and streamlining them according to your needs. Depending on where your leads stand in the sales funnel, the stages they are in, HubSpot suggests your team to put in effort accordingly. The reporting is not very great though. But insightful nonetheless. With good business analysts you can decipher and use the information supplied for no extra cost. Third party integration offered by HubSpot for free is simply an unique feature. But the absolute best and key aspect that HubSpot gives you for free is a Mobile App, an absolute necessity in today’s world.

HubSpot is not a trial period free CRM software. As the basic or core features come for free, giving HubSpot a try is wise thing to do. Depending on your needs and to match the growth of your company, keep on adding additional features specially reporting for effective CRM management.