The Considerations of Laboratory Cleanroom

The considerations of the cleanroom depend on the activities to be taken place in the cleanroom and the primary consideration of a laboratory cleanroom is quality control.

A cleanroom is a laboratory facility that is specifically designed to be used for the purpose of manufacturing and researching within a closed facility that is immune to various contamination factors. A laboratory cleanroom is usually used in industries like pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturers, life science, biotech, etc. where the different manufacturing and research activities take place.

A cleanroom is extremely important in a manufacturing facility to ensure safety and quality control. Whatever factors that might affect the cleanroom should be understood and made sure of making it contamination free zone by taking extensive care of the design of the clean room. Some considerations that are to be taken into account while building a cleanroom are listed below.


The first consideration that is to be taken into account while designing a cleanroom is the space. Space defines the area in which all the laboratory equipment can be housed. This space should be designed in such a way that it brings productivity to the functions taking place in the cleanroom and there should always be left some room for changes.


Flexibility here suggests that there should always be room for changes that can increase the productivity of all the functions taking place in the cleanroom. Sometimes there is a requirement for changing equipment or mechanisms in the equipment. The design should be flexible enough to make changes to the room without hindering the ongoing activities in the cleanroom. This also helps in saving cost and decreasing the risks of contamination.

Temperature and overall environment

It is very important to create a specific type of environment in these cleanrooms to fulfill the specific needs of the work taking place. This environment consists of temperature, humidity, air pressure levels, etc. It is very important to create a suitable environment for the work taking place and making specific arrangements in order to do so.

Air filters

Cleanrooms are specifically meant to be contamination free and the most common source of contamination is air. It is very important to install suitable air filters in the cleanroom to ensure safety from any kind of contamination.

Air pressure

These cleanrooms are filled with various different samples and specimens of various types and sometimes even chemicals. These chemicals might have an effect on the air pressure of the room. To ensure that the air pressure stays suitable for the works taking place in the Cleanroom Equipment, there should be specific arrangements made.

Air locks

Air is the most hazardous contamination source that can affect the activities in the cleanroom. It is very important to install air locks to prevent dust particles and air pollutants to enter the clean room and create any kind of problems in the workflow of the clean room.

The overall design of the cleanroom should be as such that it takes the above-listed considerations into account and provide the optimal and required results.

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