The Liquid Platform: a world leading digital asset exchange

The Liquid Platform: a world leading digital asset exchange

Although cryptocurrencies are based on the price of liquid platform solutions to solve the elasticity problem, the platform has added intuitive features in which it remains consistent with retail and institution investors.
Captain Token’s economy capabilities as strong as the future of finance, with over 2000 cryptopers listed on the scan mark cap. Confirming making everyone accessible financial services through enhancing the morality that can be achieved through Blocaine Technology.

Quinn is a global franchise company with exchange, trading and financial services, and officially registered and licensed by Japan’s Regulatory Institution, Japan Finance Services Agency (License 0002). Quione is a company responsible for building liquid platform which supports the kash tokens.

In my opinion, the closest closest to offering a complete product of the liquid platform, which should be a corrupt trophy force. It features features of the Quione team’s experience-based technical fixture to facilitate easy, easy to use trading platforms, which cover both the initial and advanced traders and fits and corrupt and Institutional investor a suit of suitability services to bridge the world.

About Liquid

“Liquid is a unified, globally-growing trading platform that flies to the world’s factory and corruption.”
On September 4th, the Quione community moved into a new liquid platform in a complicated rollout, and in addition to a few features set to be released, everything is active. This leads to the completion of this journey, which took a 4-year experience to the Queen community and worked to work with modern technical architecture.

To understand the liquor’s most competitive value offer, we need to go back mainly and examine it from a beginner’s perspective, through expert trading options, “Behind the scenes” is the technical infrastructure. The work that works and the environmental contribution will be liquid and the queen team of the Global Blachen and the KripteCC community.
Information on cryptocurrency trading is mostly mentally, few goals analysis are commonly confused. Specifications and diamond lungs increase, and it contributes to the risk of investing with high risk hunger through investment, as a result of which it is more likely to avoid its risk and reduce the protection community. Have to do If you are going to the Crisis Trophy Trading, you will probably do this through exchange.

What should you look for in exchange?

🔹 security
Security is valuable for any digital asset conversion. Users have been emphasized on the need for proper storage of digital assets when the recent hack is discussed on the conversion of crptptCC. For general users, when it comes to trading, security is a second to speed up. They need to be able to quickly and easily withdraw their funds. That’s why there are two ways to ensure security of consumer funds if they are on exchange. Although the worst risk is, the Exchange Infrastructure should make it possible to prevent the attacks on the client’s face-to-face attacks and their personal accounts.

The biggest loss of funds from the exchange of cryptocurrency was in 2014, when the dust erupted. Gaks lost 850, 000 BTC. Mt Gox was dealing with more than 70% of bactonic transmission worldwide. It has been alleged that hackers agreed to exchange and 744,408 bacterials from customers and an additional 100,000 bracket exchange. The estimate is that most of the batteroks were stolen from online “hot” wallet, additional bactones are being stolen from cold wallet, which is considered to be a hot wallet. Due to the prejudice of MTG, this incident has taken more than 200,000 BTTs from some old storage wallets and is kept in the trust for consumers. Theft, cheating and mischief are usually described after the erosion. Goks’s unfortunate failure

Bit-fixes which are still operational and are ranked by other volume by continuous volume, was also considered in August 2016, after reaching hackers’ consumer wallets, the Foundation lost $ 73 million. .

Hackers successfully conquered a Japanese digital asset with 523 million anti-tokens of US $ 500 million from Syndicate at the beginning of this year. Funds were allegedly stolen by several illegal hot wallet transfers. This event had to face questions about low security standards, especially using a multi-wallet instead of a very hot wallet; a scale before transferring funds that require multiple signatures.

These events emphasize the need for effective security measures at the end of the exchange.

Liquid platform security measures

QUIONE has clearly implemented the security strategy in which one makes the liquid one of the most secure cryptroscopic conversions. Key importance is 100% cold wallet storage supply.
code of conduct
Before you start trading, you should have a good deal with your current country with current laws about curvorocracy and general temperament that can affect future regulations. Commercial crocukocrates also affect the tax, depending on your tax’s residence. More on the Code of Conduct covers under “section made for institution investors”.

As such, liquid is a regulatory compliant trading platform. QUIONE is officially registered and is licensed by the Japan Regulatory Agency, Japan Finance Services Agency and therefore it is known that with your customer (QC) and money-making policies. Liquid platform is open in addition to the most people of the FATF high risk list.

US customers will not have access to the third pair and Japan’s customers will only have access to the currencies and services approved by the Japan Financial Services Agency,
Exchange Exchange Type (FIFI Exchange and Corp. to Corp.)
The Fifth Exchange lets users convert exchange-winning winner currencies such as euro and cruise chairs. A popular fat exchange example is a comfort base.

The cryptocurrency converter allows Crosetscope to change cryptocurrencies for each other only. This cryprocurrencies usually add to popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium or exchange coins, which serve as a fuel for transaction fees. The Corp. Exchange is a popular charity bonus for example.

The Croyukorosis type you want to get and the method of payment for your use will affect the exchange of your usage. Easily add liquid platforms to factory / corruption and corruption / corruption capabilities within a platform.

There is a fabulous array of liquid platforms fit / cropped and chirpto / crypto pair. Supported currency currencies include HKD, AUD, CNY, INR, JPY, PHP, IDR, USD, EUR, SGD. More covers more than MMO and World Box theme
🔹 Operational factors

In my opinion, it includes how conversion handle the customer’s business experience;

Exchange friendly friendship

Trading fee
The first impression from the liquid landing page was user-friendly pagination and user-friendly friendship and simplicity. Actually, I had the impression that it was a travel and advertising website, which is located below the bottom of the diving finders. The charge is that consumers will have to offer new opportunities to liquid platforms to discover cratroscope investments.
Liquid is going
Trading on Liquid is very easy. To get started, you will need to register on the official website. Registration covers both the companies and private investors.

After registration, you have to set up two factor elements for your account (2FA). Liquid supports three 2FA modes, including SMS validation, email validation and Google Authenticator app.

🔹 KYC Compliance

Liquid platform is according to the rules regarding conversion of cryptocurrency. In order to trade liquid, the user needs to meet the chemical requirements in an easy three-part process.

Join a public ID document that includes a personal ID, driver’s license or passport
Attach yourself clear

Attach proof of residential documents

Liquid Skype, ZOOM, WhatsApp or an option provides the option to verify the account through video calls through any option of the easiest easier. Ideally, this process can work for 1-2 days, depending on the quality of the documents presented practically.

I verified via video call via ZOOM conferencing app. The entire process took less than an hour, which was very impressive.

your setting of your work (facility)

Now that your account has been verified, and your choice can be saved through a 2FA method, you can start trading or investing in your preferred corruption assets. The default goout setting is quite clean and valid.
You can customize your interface management on liquid platforms. There are three color options, blue, black and light. I prefer the darkness because I think I like it well.

🔹 Lesson and information

The most functions on liquid platforms are present with a lesson or help link when the user does not have to do what to do.

🔹 Trading Fee

For trading space, supports multiple order types including liquid platforms, limited orders, market orders, prevent orders and stop stop orders.
Currently, liquid is some of the lowest trading fees if not the least in the conversion of cryptococency. To indicate that, there are current rates for place trading

🔹 Loan

Without a trading level experience, any user can generate cool passive income through lending on liquid platforms. The lenders collect daily deals from the money that they pay to traders on time to open the trade. After the business is tied and closed, the funds will be returned.

Tips on liquid platforms on liquid platforms are listed as a “loan offer” in a cumulative list, which can be arranged according to the lowest interest rate, total debt amount, etc. as long as trader trades loan No borrowers balance.
To learn more about letting liquid, follow this link

🔹 margin trading

Merchant trading is possible through a loan market. Traders take loans so that they can succeed in investing massive coins. On the other hand, the lenders benefit from the interest related to the charges on loans. Any liquid platform can lend their funds to margin traders.

Allows margin to bet for trading for the market or to the consumer. The trader gets more funds accessible to his current balance. For example, you have to take 10 x for each dollar, you will get ten additional dollars for investment.

For example, 200 American creditors work with the initial capital of assets, when you go “tall”, (the condition is that the market prices for the charity asset given will be for example Bitcoin ) In 10x Levit, you will be able to open a position. Your profit with a US $ 10,000 x 10 lac increase has increased 10 times, for example, if Bactucco increases by 15%, you will make up to US $ 300 as US $ 2000. The initial investor will get ten times ten times more than $ 200.

Exchanges of open-exchange exchange at the cost of a margin position include fee and interest benefits from interest funds. The maximum amount of money can be lost by the margin trader, he personally invests to open this position. This is the price on which the conversion will automatically control the status of protection of the loan fund through the trader. This is called the value of the compensation.

Marjan Trading is dangerous but the potential place for profit is more than simple space trading.

Liquid traders allow 25 x coated access. Currently Marjan Trading lives on BTC, ETH, BCH and XRP. Liquid only personally offers high level of liquidity through the flexibility of accessible funds.
solving the flexibility of cryptocurrency markets
“Explains the stability degree, which can easily be bought or sold without any asset or security without affecting the value of the asset.” investment.
The first defines the stability. In the easiest terms, liquid price is compatible with price stability. The quantity of the liquid of the marks is the way in which the market allows the market to sell an asset without which the cost of the market is a significant change. In another view, the obligation is to determine how quickly someone can change their assets, or turn securities into cash. In the context of rent crosscase, the distribution of market due to microscience in both parts and fear of traditional financial institutions is difficult to engage with crispicros due to regulatory uncertainty.

Since there is a direct function of the supply and demand of stability, the basic features of liquid are actually: World Book and MMO, there are integrated solutions to supply and demand of cryptocurrencies from multiple sources and it is compounded in a flexible pool

A globally-based trading platform (World Box) is launching a joint-level platform with QUOINE Services Affiliate Suite (Prime Minister Brokerage), which will enable the advanced liquid level. This will allow anyone to be involved in any kind of opportunity in which the new corruption capital will be presented. “Exit the White Paper.
Although a given exchange may offer a liquid offer for a pair of currencies, the fact is that the obligation is only capable of its conversion users, eliminates other users and produces microscopes in effect. Is.
Popular currencies used by large populations. Euro is used in terms of prices for offering US dollar and Japanese yen exchange. Large currencies such as the Canadian dollar and the Indian rupee are ignored. Separately, their markets are small, but overall, their holders offer incredibly an unsafe source that needs access to the world of rental opportunities. Unserved markets
The World Book works back at the end of the backup to provide flexible .It contains

The internal order book, the order of the order, after all the orders placed on the liquid platform order book when they are the Forex Exchange adjustments.
External overall order book. This order book contains all the orders from other fluid sources other than those placed in the internal order book.

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