The Top 15 Free Software Download Websites On The Web

As computer users need different software to meet different needs. In many years, various software companies and many talented developers and programmers have developed some awesome programs that are available to download online.

It is not always easy to find software that is really needed and that will work for us. This is the same where the software comes to download web sites.

Another important aspect of those sites is that they are able to scan all the programs on their sites to ensure that they are free of spy and virus. Almost all mentioned sites have an active user community, who offer software review and feedback, so you can make a formal decision before downloads and files. Look at a few sites that have made their marks on the Internet with a large collection of Internet and easy navigation options.

1) download

Download all software download is the mother of the website. This is the oldest year of its kind and it was set around 14 years ago. This site is owned by CNET, the biggest name in technology news and product reviews on the Internet.

It has a large stock of computer software for all platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux as well as mobile applications. They also include web-based applications and services. Software section includes more than 100,000 freeware, shareholders, and pre-download attempts.

Downloads are often rated and reviewed by editors and includes the file summary from the software publisher. The registered users can also review and write the rate of product.


FileHippo is a favorite freeware download site for me. It provides shareware sharing freeware.

It also offers FileHippo update checker, a small program that scans your computer for software installed from the file hiccup site and offers updates available to it. Updating computer software is an important step in keeping your computer safe. FileHippo Update Checker helps you easily with it.

3) Download ZDNet

The ZDNet Software Directory is the web’s largest library of software download software. Finding software for Windows, Mac, and Mobile Systems, ZDNet’s Software Directory is the best source for technical software. They list both freeware and shareview downloads.


SoftPadia is a Romanian website that indexes information and downloads for software. This site also indicates large technology, science, health and leisure news.

Software fields are organized organizational and are sampled after the windows file system’s path, such as “C:> Mobile Phone> Tools> Nokia.” Users can sort in the last updated date, download number, or rating. Three viewed modes, general, freeware, or sharing software, which allow users to run specific types of software.


The basics (a shortcode for the Winsock Software Ultimate Collection, a name after which has been dropped for long). It is available to download a popular website directory for sharing software, freeware, and demo software packages.

The mirror sites system is maintained that traffic is allowed to be distributed widely on the site’s sites. There are several major computer platforms software, including Windows, Linux, and Macintosh, and Windows’s largest version (especially Windows 3.x series). They also include web-based apps and services.


Freeware Folio, as a name, identifies a website dedicated to the name freeware software and lists the following open source programs. Programs are available to download more than 1500 freeware programs on their website. Programs are organized in categories and it is easy to navigate and search for people searching for you.

MajorGeeks Here you are here to help get the most out of your computer by presenting primarily advanced or advanced user tools. It was first known as Twuke Files in 1997, but later its name has been changed. This site operates and offers 2 friends gym and team, and their best sense of humor, and more personal contact to this site.

Many files found here give you a good interface and also tell you things for simple words. Many people do not even modify you to apply.

The files provided to download are checked for quality. This means that every program is examined what it basically promises and spyware and viruses are free. MajorGeeks is a great user community that helps new users keep tabs illegally in computer problems as well as software.


Snap Folio is another experienced download site. It is a great software collection in 1997 and it was already known as WebAttack, but now it


FileCluster is one of the new downloaded websites. It is established in 2006 and since then it has provided visitors with the latest and latest software. Website provides both freeware and shareviewer programs. They also carry wordpress themes and fresh news about software companies.


Gear is another new site on the block with a decent software collection download. Maybe that’s not the biggest website in this place, but due to regular updates, a name has been opened for itself.

The gear download also checks all app files for malware and only clear files are approved for downloading.


Soft32 was established in 2003 and has regularly updated this software directory. It covers freeware and shareware software for mobile / pda as well as windows, mac and linux and has special iPhone apps section.

It has 87587 programs stored, and displays the features of Windows Forum for help with Windows OS issues.


The softness was established in 1997 and with the reviews written in Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Polish, 105,000 freeware, shareholders and tutorial versions of Europe, The software is downloaded. English language portal was Started in November 2005.

Relaxation International is engaged in offering the latest software for all users on all platforms, with reviews in the world’s most popular languages. One of the best features of softness is a unique software comparison tool that allows you to evaluate multiple programs by side side.


Freeway Ground is a free site dedicated to downloading freeware only. No Shareware programs are listed. Its left frame has an old school design with details in navigation menu and right-frame.

The types of programs are listed and navigation is easy to understand.

Update – It looks like this site has been affected by malware after hacking. We have removed the link on this website, unless we confirm the website’s visit is safe. I will advise you to be cautious when downloading any software from this site.


Freedownloadcenter was established in 2001 and has another site with an old school design. It has 30000 software titles to download. They list both freeware and shareview downloads, which are clearly ranked, which makes it easy for users to find and download the desired required software.


All sites that we have mentioned before focusing primarily on Windows software. Open Source is a simple list of the best free and open source software for Mac Mac OS X. This site is not a comprehensive list of every open source MacAPA, instead of the best, most important, and easiest to use.


We’ve listed the best software download sites that we often use once. Different people have different flavors, so I’m sure this list will help you find the best site for your interests. If we have waited any web site, please let us know in the comments section below.

If you want to discover a new software, check out our software type for new and useful software and best security software information for security categories.