The Top 7 Big Data And Data Analytics Certifications

The tech industry is becoming the remarkable opportunity for its professionals in this modern time. The growing technologies of this industry enables its skilled professionals to become specialists in many fields and move to a new field. Choosing the right technology may be a challenging effort but choosing the team that have right knowledge and skills to manage big data initiatives may be more difficult. It is expected that the challenge is seem in the increasing demand for big data certifications and skills.

The big data is essential to the organizations who wish to develop effective understandings and want to take lead the game. Today, many companies are switching themselves into a software organization. This is a fact that has been noted in the last two years that 90% of the data created alone. And because of that, currently, many organizations are on the top of the data, and they haven’t any idea to do with this data. The professional is required for these organizations who have the expertise to understand this data as well as make presentable the data for them.

List of top certification courses for data analytics and big data that are on the top currently;

  1. SAS Certified Data Scientist Using SAS 9
  2. MapReduce Certified Data Analyst
  3. Cloudera Certified Associate
  4. IBM Big Data Certification
  5. Hortonworks Certification
  6. Simplilearn Certification
  7. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Data Management and Analytics
  8. Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences
  9. Certified Analytics Professional
  10. EMC Proven Professional Data Scientist Associate (EMCDSA)
  11. SAS Certified Data Scientist

SAS is known as an analytics universal leader who offers multiple credentials that focus on the products of SAS. 

Big Data Professional (SAS 9 Certification)

This credential is for those individuals who wish to validate their capacity to utilize tools of the SAS data management and open source for the statistical analysis of Big Data.

Advanced Analytics Professional (SAS 9 Certification)

This certification provides its professionals the expertise for Big Data analysis and many other statistical analysis, and also provides tools and techniques for predictive modeling. 

The Professionals who get both the certifications (the Advanced and the Big Data Analytics certification) are also entitled for the certification of SAS Data Scientist.

  1. MapReduce Certified Data Analyst

MapR is another famous vendor who offers Big Data certifications. Certifications of MapR deals with a list of roles containing those of a cluster developer, administrator, Spark developer, HBase developer, and Data Analyst.

Hadoop Developer Certification

This certification measures particular technical skills, knowledge, and abilities need to develop and design MapR programs in Java.

Spark Developer Certification

This certification is planned for programmers, engineers, and developers who process and prepare huge data using Spark.

Data Analyst Certification

The certification for MapR Data Analyst is aimed for the professionals who are working on Pig, Hive, and Drill to prepare ETLs, create tables, manipulate data, execute and design queries as well as troubleshoot problems in the analyzing data process.

  1. Cloudera Certified Associate

Cloudera is the originator company to create an industry around the proficient deployment and backing of Hadoop, pursued not long after by MapR and afterward Hortonworks. The websites of Cloudera provides certification exams and have not required each exam’s training.

Certification of Data Engineer (CCP)

This credential proves that a proficient open-source developer can play out the core capabilities required to transform, ingest, analyze, and store data in the environment of Cloudera’s CDH.

Certification of Data Analyst (CCA)

This certification is for data analysts, SQL developers, developers, BI specialists, database administrators, and system architects who want to understand how to achieve the required competencies to generate and pull reports in the environment of the Cloudera’s CDH.

CCA Administrator Certification

For the professionals who have achieved this certification have proved the cluster administrator and core systems expertise required for Cloudera deployment in the organization.

  1. IBM Big Data Certification

IBM is the popular institution that provides IT field certification for decades, and also offering a dozen of credentials for its professionals. There are two major Big Data certifications covering that area. Big Data architect is the first one and Big Data engineer is the second one.

Certification of the Big Data Architect

A Big Data Architect should have comprehensive information of the required technologies and recognize the connection between the technologies and integration to solve the problems of Big Data business.

Certification of the Big Data Engineer

A Big Data engineer have a strong relation with the developers and also with a Big Data Architect for the conversion of the vision of an architect and blueprint into actuality.

  1. Hortonworks Certification

Another Big Data software company the Hortonworks that supports and develops Apache Hadoop for the process of the huge data sets distribution across system clusters. As Cloudera provides, Hortonworks is also offering many Big Data certifications through the website of the company, but the training is not necessarily required for the exam preparation.

Certification of Hortonworks Certified Associates

For the new comers of Bid Data, the Hortonworks Certified Associates offer an entry point by educating the basic expertise required to get started. To get this certification, you have to recognize the technologies and also identify the business practice cases for the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) frameworks.

  1. Simplilearn Certification

Simplilearn provides several popular ranges of Big Data certification types, from the Basic to the common, and a comprehensive, education that makes you able to the success of your certification exam. The two top Big Data certification are provided by Simplilearn;

Hadoop Big Data Certification 

With the help of this certification, you can easily understand the models of the framework of Hadoop and make yourself ready for Cloudera’s CCA175 certification.

Hadoop Administrator Certification

This certification enables individuals with the necessary approaches to excel in the Big Data analytics.

  1. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)

The Data Management and Analytics credential proves wide-ranging proficiency sets in the administration of the SQL, building data solutions for enterprise-scale, and advancing business intelligence (BI) records in both cloud environments and on-premises. To get it successfully, candidates have to pass 1 exam out of 12.