Things to Consider before Choosing Social Listening Tools

utilities in media monitoring

You probably know about the social media automation tools which let you schedule social media posts for several social media platforms. In here, you must know that utilities social listening tools are different. They are a highly specialized and more powerful set of tools which help in capturing data based on your interest from so many platforms.

Almost every social listening tools crawl various types of online websites like blogs, social media platforms, news sites, review sites. These crawlers look for particular keywords and phrases which are relevant to the brand on so many websites and bring them all together in the social listening tool. After the data is collected, the brand can use it for the analysis, respond, and get insights about their concern. Thus, here are the parameters you seek while choosing a social listening tool.

Coverage for platform

If the tool you have chosen does not cover the platforms where you remain present, then the investment on the tool might not end up in a fruitful result. You need to check for tools which has special utilities in media monitoring including all the social media platforms that you generally use.

Coverage for data

Before you invest in a tool, you need to determine the objective of using a social listening tool. If you are looking for likes and retweet then, a simple social media marketing will help you. However, if your objective is to seek out the number of mentions you have received, then, a social listening tool is the best solution for you. You have to check if the tools that you have shortlisted offer these features before investing.

Customized Reports

Every company and even different departments within the same organization need another kind of data to plan their next course of action. Thus, if you are thinking of a one-size-fits-all feature, it may not work. You have to make sure that the tool you have shortlisted offers an option to customize reports according to your business requirements.

The sentiment Analysis

It can be quite tedious to analyze the sentiments of each post and that too manually. So, you need to select a tool that has a sentiment analysis feature. This thing will help you determine how people are taking your brand and its products. Also with this, your competitors and work upon improving your brand’s image are necessary for this analysis.

Customer Support

The final touch just before choosing your tool is to check the customer support provided by their teams. You must not hesitate to ask questions on training, the SLA, troubleshooting process, type of services provided, and so on. You must go for a free demo or check customer reviews before spending money on the tool.

In recent days, social listening can add enhanced value to your business by not just helping you to respond to various queries, and you will get feedback and compliments immediately, it will also provide you valuable insights which can help you grow your business. So it’s better to choose the tools that will help you according to your requirements, for that check these above-mentioned points.