This upcoming app may identify fake news on WhatsApp

Developers say, queue data to help separate news from Sax-ax to differentiate.
Investigating squash rumor and fraudulent news on social media platform Voice-based, New Delhi-based specialist team is working to prepare an application that is capable of telling you whether the message fake Or not Prof. Purana Karamazov, a computer science institute at Indarpsa Information Technology, Delhi (IIIT-D) is leading the team that tries to determine the authenticity of the message distributed on this platform.
On the Voice app, the rumors have been released in connection with incidents of fury, one of which includes five men in the defeat of the people taking children’s lift in the rainpad of Maharashtra.
Recently, a person was killed and three others were wounded when they were attacked, who were giving children lift near Bordarka of Kentucky.
Professors feel that it will be a useful source in the current situation where such incidents have been reported in which people have been killed in violence, which runs on voicesappers based on horrific rumors.

“We are gathering a lot of data and people have asked these numbers to go 9354325700.” These messages will be analyzed and accordingly, we wrap on such messages. Will prepare a model to put. ”
For example, if a message is received, there will be color codes that will indicate authenticity. He said that green can be pointed out that it is a legitimate material, yellow color can indicate that this system can not be successful in decline, while red can be targeted. That’s definitely fake content.
“Through the messages we receive, we will study the common factors in such messages. The publicity may have a picture, url, or a few words. If this is a forward message, it is a high probability that it is a fake message. “Said Professor.
He said that this app may be ready in a few months.

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