Three Simple Steps You Can Do Today to Enhance Your Information Security

There is nothing to hide, and those who use all possible possibilities of data protection to keep their personal information safe.

This article is for the first type of people or people who are in the middle. Other types of people are aware of their techniques and apply it almost every day.

So what should be done today to ensure security?

1.Make a backup copy of the important data.
2.Change simple passwords by strong ones.
3.Copy the information stored in the cloud.

Why do you make a backup copy of the important data?

Let’s begin with a question whether a copy of your hard disk needs to be protected on another media. Software improvements leads to malware improvement. The Ransomware virus became particularly active. On your computer, the rememoer virus prevents access to your data and requires payment to crawl them. But most of the money needed money does not solve this problem with encrypted data. In this case these figures can always be lost.

Unfortunately, such matters are common. You can also get an abusive code through easy JavaScript in your browser. In this way, if you copy at least some of the important personal data for data carriers, you will have the opportunity to restore a part of the least lost information and protect it against fraud.

Why should you change your password?

In the fall of 2015, a list of Ashley Madison’s website’s most popular passwords was published. And at the end of 2015, we got an opportunity to list the worst passwords used in 2015. According to the lists, which include majority of points, people do not want to complicate their lives and choose a simple password. They use such simple combinations as 123456, passwords, password 1, quotes etc. Coming with a new password, try to make it very complicated to force it.

But still, it’s not enough. Unfortunately, online frauds are constantly improving their skills, and they will not be able to get the same password soon. How to protect your personal data then? Actually, you can not depend on passwords only, so the best way to protect your data is to use at least two elements validation, where possible.

2-factor validation is used to use two different factors when logged in to the account. This is the first factor that you know (usually it’s logged in and password), and the other factor you have (usually this is the password with the help of the OTP token or smartphone application. Generates, can also be provided. Via SMS or voice call).

In this way, if any of your key passwords are hacked, they will not be able to go through the next verification phase. And on the contrary, once a password password generator (token) or your phone is also available, fraud can not be successful without logging into a static password. Two factors are especially important for bank accounts or corporate e-mail.

But using 2F you should not forget that the static passwords play an important role in the two factors factor because they are one of the two factors – a knowledge factor.

Why do you make a copy of the information from the cloud?

How many times have already seen the face of the users that could not find the most important documents, which they are safe in the cloud services. And it can be with someone. Think about the next time you think of leaving important information in your account on Gmail, Dropbox, or any other service, double-click and copy a copy on your hard disk.

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