Tiny Palm smartphone baffles gadget fans

Tiny Palm smartphone baffles gadget fans

Using the former brand name Palm – a small Android smartphone designed to be a “companion” phone on a full size device in the US.

The handset is a credit card size and has two cameras but no headphones are jack or wireless charge.

The firm said, its purpose is to help people break their core phone, despite having full-fledged smartphones operating their full potential.

It has been congratulated with technical observers and social media.

This device will cost $ 349 (£ 263) and will be available only in the US, on Visasz network in November.

It is described in its marketing content as “a fully connected product compatible with your full smartphone,” where your all connections can be where your smartphone may not be. ”

He has American basketball player Stephen (Stephen) who has tweeted to emphasize “payback”.

The fashion brand’s Kate Spread has also developed a capacitive case for a small handset.
BenWe analyst BenWey said it was “definitely an expensive step” by San Francesco’s initial uplift, which licensed the brand owner of the HTC.

“In the past, small, renowned fellow phones are being tried and consumers have not captured the imagination,” he told the BBC.

He said it was different from the other “second” phones because it was not connected to multiple parent devices on Bluetooth.

Mr Wood added that he did not think of the northeast for the 1990s that the Palm Brand would be enough to sell.
Palm brand is perfectly succumbed to the product that fits your hand in the palm. ”

“Also, I suspect that the rest of the brand is equity remaining apart from the uber-geeks.”

Dieter Bohn wrote for writing for the website, Pam described as “a strange little thing”.

“So here’s a phone that saves you from your phone. But protects you from your palm? Maybe, another small phone too ….” The Register was registered by Andrew Arlooski.

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