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The Seamless entertainment experience with Netflix has hooked most of us with it. Netflix’s USP would be the rich content & uniqueness of the shows it streams. We have seen several viewers getting stuck with their favourite shows, episodes in a row for hours. Legendary is the word we would say for most of these streaming shows, as they have succeeded in entertaining viewers globally breaking demographical barriers.

1. Friends

It has been really long since Friends bid farewell with its finale season & last episode. However, it is amazing to see how still the viewers adore this super fun show. The close to reality treatment & a tale revolving around the friendship of 6 amazing individuals has mesmerized generations. It is always interesting to see how intricately emotions have been woven with comedy which has kept Friends on top of the charts. Viewers still can’t get enough of this show, which is why still each episode of friends appears as fresh & entertaining as it was.

2. Narcos

This show has been an adaptation of one of the best selling German crime scribe Petra Hammesfahr. The show begins on a background of 1999 era. The sudden shift in gears of the story when a completely normal story takes a turn as a crime tale will give a different level of kick to your viewing experience. The protagonist Cora Tanetti gets stuck in extraordinary circumstances while sailing smoothly in her largely predictable life is what sets the ground for the show. The crime angle being woven along the normality of the situation makes it worth watching.

3. The Crown

The royal family of Britain has always been a subject f interest for most people. This show particularly bring out the life-story of Queen Elizabeth II, which is from the origin of her rule & till the present times. The show is having some of the finest performances by its actors & hence makes it on the top f the charts undoubtedly. The on-going struggle of the Queen of her private & public life has been portrayed using the finest narration. So, to summarize it is a closest to reality yet compelling story which will surely make it worth a watch.

4. Better Call Saul

A continual character portrayal of Saul Goodman from the successful series Breaking Bad has been used to invent this show. The central character has again been back to entertain his viewers & win their hearts. It’s a tale of a kind-hearted person who dallies loosely with the law. This series has made ground over the earlier years of his life & this struggle is indeed a worth watch. Viewers who have already been entertained by Breaking Bad will surely feel a different kind of connect with this series.

5. She-Ra Princesses of Power

The very famous cartoon series from the 1980s has been brought back to life with this show. The central character She-Ra who is also called Princess Adora of Eternia has set the stage for this thrilling yet interesting storytelling. The Princess has been brainwashed and has been taking up ill assignments for the villain. There comes a time when she discovers her real destiny with a magical sword & her journey takes a U-turn. We understand that this is a cartoon series, but the strong story-line & gripping treatment of the tale makes it a worth watch for across age-groups.

6. Mad Man

Mad Man is streaming with 7 seasons on Netflix currently. The award-winning show has been crafted on the base of the 1960s era. Viewers can get lost in an ocean of entertainment as they can watch the entire series in continuation. The story has been quite insightful to keep viewers entertained & help them to go & feel those misogynistic elements which would feel like an expedition to transform.

7. Black Mirror

This show is just right for those who prefer watching sci-fi with a strong story package. The show will surely introduce you with every element of entertainment as soon as the story starts weaving webs of tales. The tale will go further & reach to the dark side where the abuse of technology would lead to the downfall of humankind. The central aspect of the story is where a piece of tech which goes n for continual investigation is what makes the show worth watching.

8. Daredevil

This superhero from Marvel has always been a character with substance. As his ability to perform what can be termed as impossible for his capacity has been intriguing for the viewers. You will see some of the finest & most technically advanced stunts on a smaller screen. All the marvel lovers will surely get the best kind of entertainment watching this show as the blind protagonist will surely be able to give the much needs thrill with a gripping story.

9. Strange Things

As the name suggests this story is a compilation of strange things being happened in a small town of Indiana State. Things are going just right till one small boy has been missing & the quick spread of the feel that probably there has been anther un-kind world which exists which is not suitable for us. Our favourite & lovely Winona Ryder has been seen giving some of the finest performance in this show.

10. Maniac

This one is a novel story which narrates an amazing & thrilling tale which is full of suspense. The USP of the show is that its streams in a very compact length to maintain the grip & suspense element f the story. The tale revolves around 2 central characters that have been part of a pharmaceutical trial & the consequences related.

Most of the avid Netflix viewers would already be on top of the channel for their favourite shows. This is just a cursory guide for a peek inside these awesome shows. The customer can avail unmatched discount using Netflix Coupons & make their viewing experience fun & cost effective both. These shows will be the best way to mingle & enjoy with your friends. So, just have a pack of chips with these amazing shows on screen & have a gala time.

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