Top 3 Payroll Software Programs for Small Businesses

Whether your company manages 3 employees or 30, managing payroll can be a major headache. Any errors or issues can cause a major inconvenience for both your employees and yourself.

However, in 2019 this shouldn’t be a major concern for your business. There is a competitive selection of high-quality payroll software providers which can do all of the work for you.

Many of these automated payroll systems allow you to automate the majority of your traditional payroll functions. And best of all, they are priced competitively.

If you’re interested in discovering three of the best solutions available on the market today, please read on.

Gusto Payroll

For an all-in-one solution to your HR, payroll and benefits systems, Gusto is an attractive prospect. Beginning at a very competitive $45 per month, Gusto has three different levels of support, depending on your requirements.

Gusto Core is the most affordable version. The service allows you to create an individual profile for each of your employees. You also get benefits such as health benefits administration.

The Gusto Complete and Gusto Concierge services offer additional features such as access to an HR resource center, run by certified professionals.

However, regardless of which level you choose, you will receive Gusto’s payroll service.

Gusto also offers a month free, so that you can decide if it is suitable for your business needs.

The PayStubs

If you are a smaller business looking for a simple solution to your payroll software solution, The PayStubs could be perfect for you.

Regardless of any other requirements, you need for your payroll solution, each employee will need a paystub, at least monthly.

These allow employees to prove their income. This is important for if they are taking out bank loans, or are trying to buy a property.

This is why The PayStubs is such a compelling solution. You simply input your company information and the details of your employees, and the payroll software does the rest.

Simple and intuitive, you can create a paystub for your employees in less than 2 minutes. For a smaller company with five or fewer employees, this is a perfectly viable solution.

Innovative technology solutions are changing all aspects of businesses. You can take advantage of these changes to help with your payroll solutions now as well.

Patriot Full Service Payroll

For larger businesses, Patriot Payroll’s Full Service provides high-level support and offers a huge selection of features for your business. With two separate levels of support, Patriot charges users a monthly fee for the software.

As well as an option to set up your payroll autonomously, the Full-Service platform can help with filing local, state and federal taxes. It will also assist with W-2s and W-3s.

Peace of Mind With Payroll Software

No matter how small or larger your business is, there are plenty of payroll solutions available that can help you deal with this important aspect of your HR.

Whether you simply need support with your pay stubs from The PayStubs or require a full-service approach to manage taxes from a company like Patriot, you can automate many of your HR functions with payroll software.

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