Want Your Printer To Last Long? Here Are Some Tips

Printers have made life really easy haven’t they? Need to fill up a form, just take a printout at home. It has reduced the hassle of having to wait in queues to get something in hard copy. However, for printers to work, you need a couple of more things like ink, cartridges, paper etc. If you want your printer to last longer, then you need to put in some work in its maintenance. Any electronic gadget that you want to last you for a long time, will need some regular maintenance and work on it.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your printer for a long time.
1. Printer Heads

There are times when anything that you print on your printer comes with white lines running across the document or spots of missing ink even if your laser printer cartridges are full. This can mean that your printer heads are in need of some serious cleaning because they are clogged. To clean the printer heads, read the instruction manual that came along with your printer. It will explain to you how to clean the printer heads manually. There are some printers which can self clean their printer heads with just a few clicks but to be sure, do read the instruction manual of your printer. Incase you can’t find the manual of your printer, go to the website of the manufacturer to find the instructions for the same.

Remember that cleaning the printer heads may use up some of the ink from your printer so don’t clean it too often. Only clean it when it’s required.

2. Dust and Debris

The most basic maintenance of a printer, or any gadget, is cleaning it regularly to prevent the buildup of dust and debris inside it. It’s very important to ensure that your printer stays clear of dust and dirt. You can use a small vacuum to clean the dust and remove debris. You can also use a cloth or a cotton swab, dip it in clean water and use it to clean the ink cartridges. There will be specific instructions regarding the cleaning of the cartridges in the printer manual so do give it a read.

Remember not to try cleaning the printer without reading the manual and the instructions on cleaning because there are some parts of a printer that should not be touched or cleaned. Always read the maintenance instructions of a printer before trying to clean it.

3. Placement of Printer

Don’t keep your printer in direct sunlight or near air vents because direct heat or dry air can have an affect on your printer’s performance.

4. Repairs and Servicing

Do not try to fix any complications in your printer on your own because this might worsen the problem and cost you more when you get it repaired. In case of a major problem, go to a  printer repairs store in Adelaide and get it fixed by professionals. It is also recommended to get your printer serviced at least once a year.

5. Maintenance Kit

Investing in a maintenance kit can help you in making your printer last longer. You can find a maintenance kit with your manufacturer. This kit will include a range of products like cleaning supplies, parts of printers like rollers which can be changed etc. It will help you maintain and increase the life of your printer.


Just like any other gadget, printers require maintenance and servicing too. Investing in a new printer will cost you more than maintaining a printer. If you want your printer to be a one time investment that lasts you a long time, you should start taking care of it. If you maintain and take care of your printer, it’s going to print for you for a long time.


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