Waterdrop notch: The latest trend in smartphones

Waterdrop notch: The latest trend in smartphones

It was probably one of the amazing trends that caught like a wild fire. To stop the brand in almost every single question – he called jokes and everything. We are talking about the letters which became mainstream after the start of iPhone X last year. Since every brand to prevent Samsung is worth the salt – has started a phone with a phone. However, the sign is now passed and the latest trend is a “waterfall” mark.

Water drop marks, originally even marked regular signs, were first seen on the phone. While the main key was not found in the mainstream, a host of brands are still running to start the phone with water sign marks.

Before the start of this month, Op op launched the Opio F9 Pro, which has been claiming that water drop games are the first smartphone. If Oppo is mentioned then the violet can not be too far behind. After September 6, the next Wave V11 Pro is launched, a smartphone which is expected to indicate the water.

If you’re sorry, then more water brands are waiting to jump on the water marks of bandwagon. Huvi, who looks on a launch holiday, is annoyed to launch Matt 20 smartphone this year.

“Housewife’s smartphone sales increased by 38.6 percent in the second quarter of 2018. Eve continued to bring innovative features to its smartphones and enhance its smartphone portfolio for a wide range of users.” Goshner’s research director Anosh Gupta said. It has been helped to sell its investment in positioning of channels, brand buildings and honorable devices. Eve has sent its honorable smartphones worldwide to 70 markets and emerges as a driver of HIV’s main development.

Samsung retained the number 1 Global Smartphone Foster’s place, the fall of 12.7 percent in the second quarter of 2018. “Samsung had suffered from demanding global smartphones from Chinese manufacturers and ever growing competition.” Sluggish demand for its flagship smartphones was less than Samsung. Now now 9 Note Hope to restore the smartphone development. ”

The phone exposure is expected to be identified as water. Some rumors also show that the next flag of WinPlus can be used with a smartphone, a populous 6 T watermark.

While the ‘regular’ mark is the home of most types of speakers, front cameras and sensors. Irrigation Broadcast – Due to its shape and size – it’s not ‘adjusting’ because its main purpose is to give more real estate on display. There is no doubt that this is an attractive design element, but its functionality is deteriorating for a while. In other words, this is a good sectarian but probably less on its performance. As we mentioned above, it is now the main mainstream, especially from the beginning of RELM 2, which claims to be the cheapest phone with a mark. Realme 2 comes with the starting price point of Rs 8,990.

Will the water drop mark be ‘regular’ mark? Well, the initial cost of a water broadcast phone is just Rs 25,000. Is. It can not just become the mainstream as the mark but it is definitely a tendency that can be taken to the smartphone industry.


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