What are the best Trainings to Learn to Code?

Code, a key skill of the future, 60% of the trades of 2030 would not exist yet. Ten years ago, there was no mention of Developer Full stack orGrowth Hacker, neither of SEO Manager, nor of Data Analyst. And given the digitalization of all sectors of employment, it is likely that knowing how to code is a sesame that opens the door to these new professions!

Why should we all learn to code?

Want to get a head start when learning to code a site? Good news at Microsoft Top: Much training will allow you to achieve this. There are some for all time constraints, all scholarships, and all educational preferences. Now, the important thing is to take the right course in this sea of formations. To help you choose The Forbiz, here is a list of essential resources!

The vocabulary to know

Learning to code a site, this involves learning programming languages, and the use of frameworks that make it possible to code them. Programming languages are divided into two categories:

Those that allow coding the Front-End that is to say what appears on the screen, the elements with which the user of the page can interact? The main languages are HTML (for site structure), CSS (for layout) and JavaScript (for control). Query is a JavaScript framework, a sort of JavaScript library that allows you to quickly code.

Those that allow to code the Back-End, that is to say what the user does not see, but which underlies the whole site. It is composed:

  • From a server (a web hosting), which is like a hard drive where the site pages are saved
  • From an application (a website)
  • From a database (where the site data is stored). It’s like a big Excel spreadsheet that continuously updates the site’s information and stores it. So that everything is always up to date (news, videos, evolutionary figures, etc.), we use so-called “dynamic” programming languages, such as PHP, Ruby, Python, SQL, Node.js, Java. The most used frameworks are PHP Cake, Symphony, and Code Igniter.

What language to learn?

The first question to ask yourself is: for what use do you want to learn to code. Do you want to do the work of a UI / UX designer and thus code in Front-End? Or do you also want to attack the foundations of your site and thus be able to code it in its entirety thanks to the Back-End?

  • In any case, the base of the Front-End code is HTML + CSS + JavaScript.
  • For the Back-End, you will need languages such as PHP or Ruby.

For each of these languages, there is a multitude of frameworks (Node, React, RubyOnRails …) that will help you code, and that you have to choose according to what you want to do. To begin, many opt for the base Front-End (HTML, CSS and JS) and a Back-End language (PHP, Ruby …). It’s up to you to know your needs!

Online training or a physical school

The first option is for you if:

  • You are autonomous and you know how to discipline yourself to reach your goal
  • Your deadline is far and you want to go at your own pace
  • You want to learn flexibly in parallel with your job

Opt instead for the second if:

  • You need to be guided to understand the code
  • Working in a group motivates you and you want to expand your network
  • You are available on the chosen beaches
  • You must urgently have the basics of the code for a project

Libraries and forums: a wealth of information during your learning

The MND – Mozilla Developer Network is a documentation library that lists the templates you will need to code.On the Open Classrooms and FreeCodeCamp sites, you will also find forums where you can ask all questions related to your learning.

And finally, to refine your knowledge and meet entrepreneurs and potential associates once you have the basics? Visit The Family’s Join Lion, a course that combines the very practical courses of entrepreneurs on the topics of web development, growth hacking, operations and business development. You will be able to put your knowledge into practice and find Lions to help you complete your projects and become a true code entrepreneur! For more please visit www.microsofttop.com