What Else Can RFID Technology Do? Consider 6 Other Uses

RFID (radio frequency identification) technology has acquired much popularity over the last few decades. It is integrated with the tracking systems, so the business owners remain aware of their inventory location under all circumstances. RFID can also be used in many other ways, most of which are creative yet capable of improving the organizational procedures. Please check a few of them out now.

  1. Race Timing

Have you participated in a running event recently? If yes, you must have noticed that there is a chip at the back of your race number – the one you are asked not to remove because it allows the administrators to record your progress and finish time. The RFID readers at the checkpoints scan the chip when you pass.

  1. Reusable Assets

Why purchase reusable assets when all you are going to do is mismanage or lose them? The inventory RFID system helps businesses make the most out of a reusable asset. They provide you information regarding their maintenance schedule, current condition, etc. With RFID, one can manage even the smallest plastic totes, pallets, or shipping containers.

  1. People Tracking

You are probably thinking about science fiction movies. However, using RFID for tracking people is more practical and less invasive than the conspiracy theorists you may believe in. The multinational corporations use RFID so that they can know which employees have taken leaves at a particular day or which ones came late.

  1. Luggage Tracking

The biggest disadvantage of air travel and cruises is the anxiety people feel over the location of their luggage. RFID is helping cruise lines and airline companies enhance their luggage transportation methods. The tags are attached to the bags and positioned strategically so that the reader at the entrance and exit can scan them. You will be able to locate your luggage right from check-in to pick-up. Isn’t that great?

  1. Disease Control

In hospitals or clinical laboratories, something simple like hand washing can be a matter of life or death. RFID technology ensures that the staff, starting from the doctors to the ward boys, is adhering to the safety protocols. The badges and readers are installed at sinks and sanitizing stations; thus, you get to know which of your employee washes their hands and for how long. This application has gained much more popularity during the current pandemic situation.

  1. Parking

The experts offering RFID warehouse management system said this particular technology had been recently used to gain access to parking lots. The authorized driver has to place an RFID-enabled tag on the windshield. When he/she approaches the parking area, a reader triggers the system and grants or denies access.

If the business owners wish to use RFID in any of the aforementioned ways, they must first invest in the technology. Rely on a proficient, experienced, and reliable provider who assures quality along with affordability. The tags are also at present easily available at issuer agencies such as banks and at toll plazas. The interested customers need to fill an application form.