Intruder alarm systems

Investing in a security system is important for making sure that the property is safe from external threats.  A property whether it is domestic or commercial needs to be protected against burglars and intruders. There are so many different types of alarms available in the market and the choices can get pretty overwhelming. Deciding the type of sensor to install is an important decision.

To understand the working of the different intruder alarm systems you have to know a little about the type of sensors that are used in the alarms. Here is a guide that will help you in understanding the types of sensors that are used in the intruder alarms.

Ultrasonic detectors

The ultrasonic detectors have high-frequency sound waves to detect movement. The sensor has the ability to detect movement within a limited space. They have the ability to transmit frequencies that are between 25 kHz and 75 kHz. The frequency range is inaudible to the human ears. The ultrasonic detectors bounce these frequencies off the ceiling, walls, and furniture and if there is any sudden change detected the alarm will be triggered. The frequency bouncing off the walls, furniture or ceiling can be changed by any moving object. This type of intruder alarms is often used in high-security places where the access is limited because the alarm does not discriminate between an intruder and passersby.

Passive infrared motion detectors

These detectors are also known as the PIR sensors and they are a common choice among the homeowners. They are preferred by homeowners because they are affordable and practical. The term passive is used for these alarms because they operate without any need for generating or radiating energy.

The PIR sensors have the ability to efficiently detect the changes in ambient temperature and body heat. If there is a spike in the temperature because of an intruder then the alarm will set off. The infrared energy cannot pass through the glass so the alarm will not go off because of the presence of people around the protected area so you would not have to deal with false alarms.

Magnetic switches

These switches are typically for securing the windows and doors. These switches are easy to use and they are affordable as well. They are made up of two parts; the magnet and the switch. The people can easily install them without any professional help. The switches create a magnetic field and when the field is disturbed by an intruder an alarm will go off.

Photoelectric beams

There are intruder alarms that use infrared light beams to detect the presence of the intruder.  The alarm uses infrared light beams that are mostly stacked in rows. The rows can be of two or more than two. If the beam gets obstructed by anything the alarm will go off and tell you that there is an intruder.

Microwave detectors

The functionality of the microwave detectors is similar to the ultrasonic detectors. These intruder alarms do not use sound waves; instead, they use high-frequency radio waves. The benefit of using the microwave detectors is that the radio waves have the ability to go through the walls and are able to offer more coverage than the ultrasonic alarms.

These are different types of intruder alarms and they use different types of waves to detect intruders and ensure safety.