WhatsApp is dramatically cutting message forwarding after viral fake news led to lynchings

WhatsApp is dramatically cutting message forwarding after viral fake news led to lynchings
  • WhatsApp is trying to make it harder for people to spread fake news.
  • It’s limiting people’s ability to forward messages to more than 20 people at a time.
  • Indian users can only forward messages to five people at a time.
  • The Indian government has said WhatsApp users forwarding fake news to big groups of people led to a spate of lynchings.

WhatsApp has restricted the ability to push people’s messages forward, after which the Indian government has accumulated fake news wires via messages for the recent acquisition of mobile spy.

Change means that people’s messages will be difficult to move – including counterfeit news – at the same time in many contacts. Now consumers worldwide will be able to push messages to only 20 people at the same time.

In India, where wireless fake news has been blamed for voice transactions on WhatsApp, people will be able to send messages to five people at a time only at the same time. The last forwarding threshold was 250.

WhatsApp defines changes in a blog post on Thursday. The company said: “We believe that this change – which we will continue to evaluation – will help keep the WhatsApp in the way it was designed: this is a private messaging app.”

The company will also end the “quick forwarding” event in India which allows consumers to move forward on video and pictures Learntechnews.com.

Use of WhatsApp to spread fake news is a very serious problem in India. Recently, 30 people were arrested when more than 2000 people were abducted, who had abused and kidnapped a child.

The Indian government has then threatened a string of legal action and other transactions against the Watson. According to Guardian, in the past two months there are at least 20 lanes of child abuse charges. There are similar issues in Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

WhatsApp’s privacy functionality, encryption to end the end means the company can not actually be able to spread fake news or how it is spreading. This shows that there will be no complete encryption at any time.

And WhatsApp’s mother company, Facebook is not satisfied with police speech on any of its platforms. In a recent interview with Rude, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company would not ideally ban the Holocaust dairy because they were “not knowing” deliberately “wrong” and people did not deserve the sound.

However, Facebook is going to start fake news, if it causes violence. This week’s strategy was explained and working with fast organizations to ensure that incorrect information is potentially dangerous. Will start in Sri Lanka and Myanmar initially.


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