WhatsApp to start charging business users

Buddhism has been told Wednesday that Whats-App Messenger of Facebook Inc. will start charging businesses to send service services and customer service messages, because social network company flagship brand usage increased and revenue growth increased Is.

Whats-App said the messages will be charged at a fixed rate for confirmed delivery, which will reach 0.5 percent to 9 centimeters across the country.

Facebook is looking at ways to achieve increasing costs for its Voicesp Service because it expects much to cope with the concerns of securing privacy and the concerns of social media.

Voice Apps, which are about 1.5 billion users, said Wednesday, businesses can use their Voices pace APIs to send notifications such as shipping certification, appointment reminders and event tickets.

Whats-App acknowledged that it is charging a premium compared to the SMS rate. Wireless carriers usually charge less than one SMS per pen, and the price is still close to a pen, when the fees accrued by the intermediates between the carriers and the enterprises are included.

Watspeep announced in January that he would allow small business accounts to communicate with voice app business applications, which has more than 3 million active users. Chief Operating Officer Matt Edema said at this time that Whats-App plans to charge the business in the future.

Facebook also said on Wednesday that users on their ink app and Instagram can now see their money while spending on the app each day and receive notifications when they are more than the fixed limit. Users can also miss apps from apps for up to eight hours.

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