Who’s tracking Your Privacy Online?

The thoughts of someone snooping on our private lives is creepy and could give you chills. Knowing all your personal information, who your friends are and maybe even what you had for dinner last night. The sad thing is that this sort of behavior is a lot more common than you may think.

Online tracking is commonly witnessed through something called cookies. These cyber snacks allow companies and advertising partners to track your every move as you hop around the Internet. This is why you see related advertisements to websites you’ve already been on. Creepy? Maybe.

But there are some ways of stopping your movements being tracked.

What Are VPNs?

Spanish individuals ask que es vpn ( what is vpn ) and they are told that Virtual Private Networks are special networks which add another level of security to your existing services. It’s like an extra jumper to keep out the cold. A VPN that is (vpn que es ) efficient and from a reputable provider will help to protect your online privacy by adding extra security measures to keep hackers and cyber attackers out for longer.

These networks aren’t essential for your online privacy but they offer a great boost to keep your details and private life private.

What Can Be Done About The Cookies?

Cookies are designed to make your online experience more personal and enjoyable. They keep hold of your log in details for various websites, including social media, keep track of what is in your shopping basket on retailer sites and show you adverts which relate to websites you have recently visited. As much as these little accents can be useful and good to have, they are also opening up your profile to be hacked. Just having your data sitting there for any hacker to see is not really a good idea.

So what can you do?

There are some ways to block, stop or prevent cookies from doing their work but every system is different. Here’s some general ideas on how to stop cookies storing your data.

Control Them

In your settings area, under privacy, there will be options to delete any cookies currently in use. There’s probably a lot more of them there than you’re aware of. Once these are deleted you know it will have worked becuase you will need to enter all of your log in details on every site you visit.

Also in the same settings area there will be the option to tailor them to where you see them. Perhaps tell your network which reputable websites can use their cookies.

Private Browsing

Although some cookies may be in use during your time online, private browsing means it does not keep track of your movements. Your trail through the Internet is kept completely hidden from any other users for that computer.

This can be useful when shopping for birthday presents but keep in mind that cookies still have many other functions which can track your online movements.

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