Magento is essentially an E-commerce enterprise solution that lets us build our own store. Magento is way too professional and is used by large organizations. There are three solutions that it generally offers. Amongst this solution is the Enterprise edition, Community edition, and the Magento Go edition.

  • The Enterprise edition is actually quite expensive and is mainly used by large businesses. The reason of being expensive is due to the intensive support that it provides. This enterprise edition enables out of the box functionality, performance, and scale, powerful business tools to keep you ahead of increasingly complex commerce operations and growing customer demands.
  • Community Edition comes with no support and it is 100% free to use and if we decide to use the software we really need to have a strong hosting installed and we need to figure out how to use it without paying any sort of commission.
  • Magento Go is a hosted solution and is quite similar Magento community edition with an only difference is that Magento Go actually hosts for us. Being offered as a software service we are being able to free from the difficulties of renting a web server to host our own store’s maintenance.

Magento is an E-commerce platform empowers over 180,000 online retailers to date and being chosen by 1 of every 4 online businesses. While offering dominant and flexible features, Magento’s instinctive administration interface provides advanced marketing, search engine optimization, and index management tools to control the theme, content, and functionality of every retailer’s unique e-commerce platform.

Magento is designed to be accessible and fast by offering optimal performance tools. Magento provides a set of exclusive features both in the back-end and front-end to optimize marketing and analytical approach to improve the administration options. All of which intensely increase the shopping experiences of the customers.

Let’s check out some facts that will help to understand that why to choose Magento as an E-commerce platform.

Powerful Hosting:

Magento’s complexity requires significantly powerful hosting than other E-commerce platforms. Most likely the use of a dedicated server to ensure a good store performance, otherwise online retailers may get slow, inactive and naturally can become costly.

Deeply customizable:

Buisnesses that uses CMS platforms work differently. For example, what works for the furniture industry does not work with the fashion industry. Basically, the Magento E-commerce platform gives the user flexibility to customize in terms of their specific business’s need. Magento is an open-source platform built specifically for E-commerce. It is extremely modular and deeply customizable.

Speedy and scalable:

Magento is recognized to be the most scalable E-commerce platform. It scales very well. That means if we keep adding more products there will be no significant performance decline. Having a decent hosting, it can handle thousands and thousands of products and orders with an incredible ease for huge stores. That is why Magento is a perfect choice for middle and big sized online retailers. It is relatively fast as it enables to cache data, retrieves data in no time, and gives all the tools to make sure success becomes the element.

Search Engine Optimization friendly:

In addition, Magento is designed to be SEO friendly. Keeping in mind by generating SEO friendly URLs, customized meta keywords and description and a Google site map so that it would be easy for the customers to find the products online. Magento has endorsed us to build refined and feature rich stores for clients who are considering to sell their product online. It is easy to operate, easy to maintain and practically easy to navigate.

Third party integration application:

Magento is so popular that it can integrate with third-party applications through modules which also support the shopping cart. They have a larger developer community which means that if someone stuck in the middle of something, with any issue or while doing some sort of customization, there is a whole lot of people whom we can ask for any assistance. Magento offers limitless and restriction-free integration of all third party application by shortening the progress and distributing the time frames considerably.


In general since Magento is a special purpose platform built for for E-commerce. It is considered to be much more reliable. Moreover Magento store often requires fever plugins which logically reduces the number of possible security holes that can be exploited.

Magento tools ease out the problems of online transactions, showcasing products and discount management by outperforming the competition. Though, Keep in mind Magneto is not just a plug and play E-commerce solution.  Magento requires a tough level of development and store optimization expertise from administrators and developers.

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