Why iPhone and Android phone prices will get even higher

Paying a thousand rupees for the phone is not too much to laugh. Actually, it’s probably new.

When Apple broke $ 1,000 barrier for the iPhone X last September, criticism against him criticized his very high price. They suspect that people will reach so much depth in their wallet, which include two other perfect iPhone, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The critics were wrong. Apple XEO Tim Cook said in July that iPhone X had removed Apple Device every week since it was sold on November 3, 2017.

With the sale of smart iPhone X, Apple proved that the mainstream buyers are willing to pay more and more for their cell phones, because they are for a powerful laptop. And in this month, even with an expensive 2018 iPhone X plus style phone rumors, I get stuck in September, Apple’s moves are going on a $ 1,000 tour.

Apple is not alone in enhancing mobile phones only. Samsung, windwheck and even “price” prices increase high-end handsets from a plus signal, which is to increase prices here.

In just two years, Samsung’s galaxy phone price for US buyers in 2016 has been 15.1% from Galaxy S9 from this year’s Galaxy S7 in 2016, while HAVE P series has jumped 33 percent in 2016. For the existence of a “pro” model.

But the biggest jump belongs to one-one plus phones, which has increased by 32.6 percent in the United States since 2016 and 42.6 percent in the UK increased. (See your area chart below.)

Advanced fast-moving expensive handsets tend to value the importance of cell phone as everything for communication, work, photography and entertainment. And as the speed of processing power generation, camera technology, battery life and speed of internet data, it is sure that price-related people are connected to the phone.
Benwood said CBS Invite head research analysts that consumers are ready to pay a premium for mobile phones because it is the most important product in their lives.

Increasing prices are not exceptional. Sharp, better ingredients like processors and cameras are high cost. The financial burden of research and development of new materials is also included in the final product. And inflation also affects the cost of goods outside of the tax.
But R & D costs and inflation does not spend all the money on your phone. Apple, Samsung, and other leaders in the industry have created a very high-end segment that can make every sale more profitable – it is important that people Take more time on the phone, three years or more

Yes, your phone is more than every year

With a few exceptions, phone prices are rising from the top brands.
Although the smartphone’s overall smartphone delivery will be reduced shortly, the smartphone’s average sales price (SSP) will reach $ 345, the IDC analyst Anthony Sisexella said, $ 2017 313 SSP will reach 10.3 percent. With journalists in May. Scillaela added that the prices would go to high level, especially.

Today, prices of phone have been issued just two years ago than the model only one year ago.

Apple prices have increased continuously for both its iPhone and iPhone Plus lines, by the iPhone X – its expensive phone – a luxury spinoph.

Samsung’s Galaxy S, S Plus and Note Prices are also increasing, with S9 Plus – an iPhone Plus and iPhone X competitors – iPhone X prices increase.

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