Why should you go for 3D Prototyping?

Why should you go for 3D Prototyping?

3D prototyping often leads to many benefits, and if you are looking at the prototyping service it can help you significantly in this:

Faster Time to Market

3D printing allows ideas to develop quickly than what you may think. When you have an idea, you can take a 3D print of the concept the same day. It shrinks the development to process months to a few days. It means that you are ahead of the competition.

Save Money

If you consider prototyping injection mold tools and then consider the production runs are they are regarded as expensive investments.  When you have 3D printing, it allows the creation of the parts or the tools following additive manufacturing. You get the rates that are far lower than the traditional machining.

Mitigate Risk

With the help of the prototyping service, you can verify a design before you invest in an expensive molding tool. The reason is simple; it allows you to print the design so that you can view it in the plastic. When you can print a production-ready prototype, you can build confidence before you make a significant investment. Don’t you think it is cheaper to go for a 3D print a test prototype than to redesign or alter the existing mold?

Better Specifications

When you clearly describe the product that you are going to deliver will be misinterpreted, as there may be many things that leave the construction up to the imagination. A picture of the product is better than its description in a thousand words.  However, if you can get the opportunity to hold the product to be in hand, may clear all the lines of communication. When you hold the exact or the close design of the same, there is no ambiguity, and you have the closest design as possible.

Get Feedback

When you have a prototype, you can test in the market by showcasing it in a trade-show. It will allow the potential buyer or the investors for raising capital and by pre-selling it on different platforms. In this way, you can get the buyer responsible for the product before it goes to the production. In this way, you can verify what the potential of the product is and what kind of response can you expect from the market.

Feel the Product

The one thing that you can’t get from a picture or virtual prototype on the computer screen is its feeling when you hold it in your hand. If you have a product in which you have to ensure the ergonomics and fit of the product are just right, you should hold it, then use it and test it as well.

Get it Personalized

When you mass-produce a product, various parts of the product come from the assembly line. You can take advantage of the 3D printing to personalize, customize and tweak the part to fit the needs. In this way, you can custom fit it in the medical and the dental industry and can give specifically demanded product rather quickly.

Print Your Imagination

As the designing or the digital art, the possibilities are endless. Now you can 3D print almost anything that you can imagine when you draw it up virtually. Using it, your design idea can be converted from the simple thought to a produced part which you can hold.

Print Complex Designs

There have been numerous limitations in the standard machining which have limited the scope of the designing for many-many years. Although with the advent of additive manufacturing the possibilities are endless. The geometry has been very challenging, but with the help of 3D printing, things have become easy.

Inexpensive trial and error

Testing the ideas quickly and discovering what works accelerates the discovery leading to an ideal solution. With the help of 3D printing, a product developer can make breakthroughs in the early stages of product development which allows you to make it easy to come up with better products.

In the End

Thus 3D printing can take the prototyping service to an entirely new level so that you can bring better products to market rather quickly.


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