Why SMS Marketing Has Left Behind Concept Of Email Marketing

Though email marketing does have its set of takers, but emergence of bulk SMS has cast a damp squib for this type of marketing.  A lot of users have moved over to this method of marketing. This switch had to be obvious as SMS marketing rolls out a definite set of benefits. Still if you have any doubts to avail services of SMS gateway providers in Bangalore below mentioned reasons might convince you to take the plunge.


A beauty of bulk SMS is that it is immediate and reactions are spontaneous. As people have mobile phones with them at all times, a message reaches to a customer in matter of seconds. Results appear to be instant as people receive messages once they switch on their mobile phones.

Convenient and crisp

As compared to SMS 70 % of email messages are rated to be spam. A major benefit of SMS is that being restricted to 160 characters message is clear and crisp. So the possibility of text messages being considered as spam is reduced. Via bulk SMS customers have the added benefit of flipping through messages at their own sweet time, which seldom poses to the case with email marketing.

Targeted SMS can be dished

An example would make things clear. You have launched a coffee brand and a survey reveals there are three basic type drinkers coffee drinkers, tea drinkers and people who do not like both of them. Based on available inputs you can send out messages to target coffee users. By this targeted SMS campaign it can help you cut down on advertisement costs.

Flexibility in terms of marketing operations

Via a SMS campaign, a reasonable degree of flexibility in marketing operations can be provided.  Any changes can be introduced or applied at any juncture. Suppose you are planning to roll out a mid-day offer to your customers it can be communicated via a bulk SMS service provider in Bangalore. This provides much-needed flexibility in marketing operations.

Brand recognition

Customers are in a better position to link up with your brand if you constantly update them about new product offerings, promotions or even offers. In comparison to an email, SMS would have a better sense of recognition as the customer could go on to ignore your announcement considering it more of a promotional gimmick.

Communication from other sides

Any marketing campaign is expected to produce substantial results where a two-way communication process emerges. Rather than a single way a two-way system means more value. Via a two way marketing communication is encouraged. This is undertaken via short or long term codes which means that a customer is engrossed in the service or product.

To conclude there are a countless number of reasons in choosing bulk SMS over email marketing. Any form of a marketing campaign should provide you with positive results and no harm in choosing SMS over email marketing if the result is precise.

So stick to SMS marketing as it is the present and future of marketing

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