Why use Stainless Steel Glove Boxes in Laboratory?

Laboratory equipment need to be cleaned all the time. Any small dirt particle in any of the equipment can cause big mishaps. Hence it is advisable to keep the lab environment neat and clean at all the time. But do you think only keeping the apparatus clean is enough? What about the lab coats the scientists or the lab workers wear? What about the gloves they wear while working in a lab? All of these need to be cleaned as well. As even the lab coats and the gloves are also an important part of a laboratory.

Laboratory Glove Box are simple structure boxes which are used to store and preserve the gloves from getting contaminated from various air borne.

How are gloves kept in a laboratory?            

Keeping the gloves in an open environment is not a good practice. In high end labs the gloves are kept in stainless steel containers. Yes, the gloves have a special box in every lab. The gloves are the closest thing to any experiment and if they are contaminated then the whole experiment can go wrong. Hence just like any other apparatus in the lab even gloves needs to be sanitized and kept away from all the harmful bacteria and dirt. And to do so many laboratories prefer stainless steel boxes.

Why use a stainless steel box for preserving gloves?

The glove boxes in the laboratory is made up of stainless steel box. There is a reason behind this which is scientifically proven. The boxes made of stainless steel are corrosion free. It means stainless steel boxes will never get corroded. One more reason of using the stainless steel box is that they are super easy to clean as well. The cleaning process of these boxes does not require much effort.

Another advantage of using stainless steel box is that they are pollution free. Also they can prevent the operators to get in contact with the sample materials and this way they even preserve the test accuracy.

Advantages of the stainless steel glove box

There are various advantages of a stainless steel glove box. Let us go through some of the advantages:

  1. The first and foremost advantage of a stainless steel glove box is that they will never get corroded. Stainless steel has a specialty, under any environmental conditions they never get oxidized and they never get the corrosion layer on them. Hence it is easy to preserve stuff in a stainless steel box rather than storing it in any other material.
  2. The next advantage of using a stainless steel box is that they never get polluted as well. As there is no layer or corroded iron on the surface there is less chance of them to get polluted, which makes them easier to clean as well.
  3. The third advantage can be storing a glove is really easy in a stainless steel box. As they are pollution free the gloves inside the box will never get contaminated.

Hence these are some of the major and important usage of a stainless steel glove box.

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