Why You Should Be Choosing Opencart as Your E-commerce Platform?

No doubt, if you are planning to open your own e-commerce store then the very first question which would strike your mind would be “On which platform should I set up my store which is future safe?”

Isn’t it so?

Well, there are just too many options to choose from such as WordPress, Magento and there are lots and lots of others but specifically, a platform known as OpenCart might just be the best choice for you.

The fundamental reason being, that it is quite powerful as well as an easy to use platform offering you with great features.

Let’s discuss this in detail.

Easy for Development

This platform is quite easy to use when it comes to things like developing. OpenCart is particularly based on MVC pattern which is Model View Controller. And with OpenCart it is quite easy to develop extensions and even customize them. In case if you are familiar with languages like PHP and MYSQL then it would be much suitable for you.

It’s Easy to Use

There is no doubt in the fact that OpenCart has a very friendly user-interface. All the menus and options which you will be found in it are quite concise and straightforward making it for easy to install.

And if you choose to go with OpenCart 2 then you will have an added advantage of the mobile-first interface along with the ability to use the dashboard on a tablet and even a smartphone.

It Has a Lot of Useful Information on the Internet

What is quite beneficial for the user here is the fact that like just any other CMS platform the user would be finding a lot of important information on the internet or there are also many guides and forums which the user can browse for getting the important information.

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Talking about some facts – there are around 539,304 forum posts from over 90,000 people who have been connected with each other discussing and sharing valuable information.

Hence, the chances that you will be finding what you want straight away are very high. And that is good for business.

Great Number of Extensions and Modules

OpenCart is a platform which offers a great number of modules and opencart extensions to the user such as opencart multi-seller extension, magento multi vendor extension or a live chat schedule module. And the best part is that you will even be finding the modifications, features, and marketing tools for yourself and making your business a success.

Ready-To-Use Templates

And if you are worried about setting up the whole thing fret not as OpenCart platform provides you with a considerable amount of templates which you can further use for the purpose of overall design and establishment.

Make Your Site Multi-Language

Now this is the kind of feature which just about everybody would love to have on their

e-commerce store, isn’t it?

Owing to UTF-8 OpenCart is a language-neutral platform which you can use to your added advantage.

Search Engine Optimization Friendly

What is perhaps the most likable thing about the OpenCart multivendor store is the fact that it is SEO-Friendly. And if you are wondering what that means then in simple language we can say that it will be quite easy to make it rank in the very first page of Google is you do the SEO in the right manner.

There is even a Google Analytics dashboard extension which you get with this. A good SEO done to your website will ensure that you reach not just a large number of an audience but also the right audience.

In conclusion, it can be said that if you are planning to set up your own e-commerce store then a platform such as OpenCart is one of the best options to go with.

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