WindowManager: remember window sizes and positions in Windows

WindowManager is a long-standing shareware program for the Windows working framework that recalls window sizes and positions with the goal that they are propelled utilizing a similar screen position and measurements each time.

The program bolsters an assortment of different highlights, from designing custom measurements and size to bunches of triggers, hotkeys, and the sky is the limit from there.

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Projects that don’t recall window size and position on the screen on exit or don’t stack them appropriately on next begin are disappointing. I kept running into an issue with Firefox Daily as of late. I run the program on a large portion of the screen on a 1920×1080 screen however Firefox would likewise stack with some space between the program interface and the taskbar, and I couldn’t make sense of why this was occurring.


WindowManager bolsters each of the 32-bit and 64-bit adaptations of Windows beginning with Windows XP (counting server renditions).

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The program is shareware however you can download a 30-day free preliminary from the engineer site. A free option is recorded underneath on the off chance that you are occupied with that.

The Windows programming can recollect the size and position of projects running on Windows with the goal that program windows open dependably in the correct area on the screen.

It’s anything but a run-and-overlook kind of program however cloud backup. The fundamental interface shows the accessible standards on begin. You can choose “all windows” there to add all running system windows to the tenets area to begin.

A tick on alter in the wake of choosing one of the projects opens the guidelines proofreader. You characterize coordinating tenets – the program matches in light of window title, program document name, and window class – the activities and propelled choices.

Activities characterize window position, size, state, and other related factors. Utilize the get, set and pick choices, or enter esteems physically to begin. Get pulls the present position, state, and size and enters the qualities naturally. Set implements the guidelines so you can check them.

WindowManager may bolt size, position and condition of any window, implement that the window is constantly obvious on the screen (and not moved outside of it). Different choices incorporate setting the window to be dependably to finish everything or at the base Data Destruction.

Propelled choices let you set charges that you need execute on window open and close. The charges incorporate clicking, moving, or composing content into the window when it opens or closes.

When you have arranged principles you can spare them to the profile. The tenets are authorized naturally when WindowManager runs and coordinating project windows get opened or shut on the framework.

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WindowManager bolsters a complex activating framework to implement leads naturally or physically. Set a hotkey for all windows of a profile or the dynamic one to rapidly uphold principles to show it in a specific position and with a specific size and state on the screen.

The program underpins screen triggers to apply rules when the screen determination changes, session triggers which initiate amid logon, logoff, or interface tasks, power and time triggers.

The screen trigger could demonstrate valuable to clients who utilize various screens on their gadget or interface their PC to various screens routinely.

Shutting Words

WindowManager worked with any program window I set custom principles for. It settled the issue with Firefox on my framework however worked with Windows Wayfarer, Thunderbird, and some other program window that I attempted it with also. It even worked with discourse windows.

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The program underpins profiles that you can switch between and other decent to have highlights, for example, quiet organization choices, or multi-screen bolster.

The soliciting cost from $10 is sensible considering that the permit does not lapse. You may purchase the “lifetime free updates” to incorporate every single future redesign; on the off chance that you don’t, just minor rendition overhauls and one year of significant adaptation redesigns are incorporated.


You can look at WindowPadX which bolsters moving and resizing windows among numerous different things. On the off chance that it is only the window state you are after, look at Auto Window Supervisor.


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