Windows 10 task manager now shows you power usage for each app

With the October update, which was delayed due to a documents folder related bug and then released a few days ago, Microsoft is adding the functionality to see power usage for each app in the Windows task manager application.

Windows task managerhas always been one of the most important applications in the operating system. It becomes useful any time an app misbehaves and refuses to shut down properly. It is an essential tool for anyone who is looking to use Windows on a regular basis.

With the newest October update, Microsoft has added yet another feature to the task manager, making it more useful for those who are running the operating system on notebooks and other mobile devices. In addition to CPU, hard drive, network, and GPU usage, the task manager can now also show power usage for each application and process currently running.

To view the new power usage option, simply open the processes tab on the task manager and scroll to the right side, or make the task manager window full screen. You can also rearrange the tabs to show power usage at front and center.

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