WordPress Portfolio Themes and WordPress Website Design

Creating an attractive and professional website is one way to attract traffic. The artistic use of color and images as well as themes will have visitors lingering over your content and products. Your sales ought to go up as a result.

However, not everyone is equipped with the skills needed to build an amazing website. In addition, you may not have the time needed to be creative on your website.

Luckily, experts such as TemplateMonsters have made things not only easier but also faster. Their WordPress portfolio themes are the best that you will ever come across. Look at a few of the themes they have to offer.

Portfolio WordPress Themes


The Monstroid2 template works with WooCommerce out of the box. It allows you to build your online shops digital as well as physical products. It works well if you are running online sites for businesses such as:

  •    Electronic shops
  •    Boutiques and fashion houses
  •    Florist
  •    Thrift shops
  •    Digital market places

These and other related enterprises can do with a little help from TemplateMonster’s Monstroid2 theme.


This one is a multipurpose home services WordPress theme. If yours is a services oriented business, then this is the perfect template for you. It is excellent if you are offering home services such as the following:

  •       Home decoration
  •       Home renovations
  •       Architecture
  •       Household maintenance
  •       Plumbing
  •       Roofing services
  •       Medical websites
  •       Carpentry

In a nutshell, this is a services-based template that would help you create a beautiful and easy to browse the website for your services.


If you are in the construction industry, this is the perfect one for your website. It is also great for people-based services as well as other services.  It helps you create beautiful themes for websites that are about construction services such as the following:

  •       Architecture
  •       Real estate
  •       Society and people
  •       Medical
  •       Photography
  •       Design

Kanter WordPress Theme

This theme was created for the corporate world, bloggers, developers and anyone that is creative. It lays emphasis o content and lots of different elements that can have a wide range of uses. It is the perfect theme for companies and even small businesses. Kanter is also great for:

  •       Bloggers
  •       Personal portfolios
  •       Creative agencies
  •       Landing pages


Web designers who specialize in creating Personal websites to represent professional services will find this template a great help. This theme allows you to:

  •       Provide personal information
  •       Give detailed information about your services
  •       Display your portfolio

There is so much you can do with this template including selecting ready-made sections on a variety of topics and get them into pages with just a few clicks of the mouse. It also makes use of the Jet Plugins toolkit for Elementor page builder.

There is the JetBlocks plugin which allows you to add on to the functionality on your headers and footers. Your Personalus theme allows you to engage with more followers on your site as it is modern and fully responsive.


With this theme, the background information moves slower than the foreground. Parallax gives your visitors the 2D environment feel and your content is that much more appealing to them. This theme is also perfect for adding character to infographics and landing pages. It also brightens up your portfolio.

WPML Ready Templates

WordPress Multilingual ready templates interpret virtually any code-embedded written content on your internet page. It makes your website multilingual and attracts a lot more visitors as a result.

Pop-up Manager

This WordPress design helps you create interesting pop-ups as well as change up the design, measurements and triggers. It is a free builder. Pop-ups are great for advertising short-term sales events to your visitors. They are also a great marketing strategy because they get noticed immediately.

Retina Ready

If you are running a photography website, you will want to give this WordPress theme. It allows you to present high-resolution images on your site with any pixel-density. If you want a website that is going to appeal to your visitors, get this web design.

Cherry Framework Themes

This theme is freely available for WordPress-based pages. Cherry Framework helps you utilize a modular layout as well as making it easier to take your WordPress website to another level. With Cherry Framework, your Website should be looking like a professional site in no time.

WordPress Website Design

WordPress makes building a website look like child’s play. There are many reasons why most people opt for WordPress to build their websites. One is that it is absolutely free.

Not many people want to or are equipped with the skills to build a website. The WordPress website design gives you the easiest and most flexible tips on creating your own website. Whereas learning HTML can take up to six months, WordPress is ready to go the moment you log in.

Website builders are expensive and do not offer the range of alternatives that WordPress avails. WordPress is easy on the user who wants to build a website for the first time.


What anyone running a website wants is to create an interactive platform that will not only attract visitors but also keep them coming back. With TemplateMonster templates, that is what you acquire an easy way to create the website of your dreams.

Moreover, you have the Elementor plugins that allow you to get all the pop-ups and other content you need to make your website as user-friendly as possible. Additionally, you have WordPress for a hassle free website creation.

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