Working with Apple Pencil: Best iPad Pro Apps

As developed by Apple, the iPad Pro has been around for a while but after the integration of Apple Pencil, the iPad Pro is now being widely used for digital sketching and painting. The software programs and tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator are known on a global scale but not every such program has availability on the iPad.

For that reason, we have found the most unique yet useful drawing and painting apps for iPad Pro that support the use of Apple Pencil.

Affinity Photo

Made by Serif Labs, Affinity Photo comes with features and tools that are different from Affinity Designer instead this iPad app is similar to Photoshop. However, some Adobe apps or software programs tend to be based on a subscription model but this iPad app is not. With a diverse set of tools and brushes, it is easily compatible with the Apple Pencil.

Some apps that happen to have support for the Apple Pencil do not have features such as touch sensitivity and pen pressure but Affinity Photo does. Designed for a professional digital designing and editing environment, this app is fully optimized to provide you with a smooth and fluid user experience that makes the most out of the latest iPad Pro technology.


Having the necessary tools for whether you want to draw an animal illustration or a simplistic logo, Graphic is another great iPad Pro app that supports the Apple Pencil features. Compared with top illustration desktop software programs, this app provides you with features that are highly similar to the Adobe Illustrator.

Graphic allows you to work on vector graphics on an iPad tablet but what makes it unique is that with a price tag of $8.99, it has an extensive list of features. So if you turn out to look for the best animal illustrators for hire for illustration creation then you should reconsider it as Graphic has shape libraries, FX and pen tools that make digital design effortless.


Said to be an advanced-level sketching and design app, Concepts for iPad does not cost you anything but it contains in-app purchasable tools and features that cost $9.99. That makes it a fair deal for an app that is fully integrated with breakthrough sketching tools and also has compatibility with the Apple Pencil.

Having an infinite canvas option, this app gives you workflow and experience that is natural and delicate. The color palette contains diverse colors and with a responsive interface, you can enhance create digital sketches with ease.

Astropad Standard

This app is made to work as a design app but the core concept of Astropad is to transform your iPad Pro into a drawing tablet for a Mac. While Astropad itself has various features itself but it lets you use Mac apps and tools such as Illustrator and Photoshop on your iPad Pro.

This app costs $29.99 but to use it you would have to download its Mac companion app, which is free-to-install. However, the most prominent feature is its ability to let you experience the high-end performance of a Wacom tablet on your iPad without actually buying the Wacom tablet itself.


To have won the Apple Design Award, Procreate is certainly worth a mention. For an inexpensive price tag of $9.99, this app is now integrated with the Apple Pencil and is available with a smoother and far better user experience and performance than before. Procreate lets you exert your creative aptitudes with its extensive features, toolboxes, and over 136 unique brushes.

This app is supported by the Silica M and it is currently the fastest painting engine for iOS. You can select a high-resolution canvas and use its beautifully designed brushes to add further appeal to your illustration.

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