World’s first flexible display that can be rolled like scrolls developed

First of all, the scientists have developed a rollable touch screen tablet – Inspection from ancient books to create a modern antique device. This device, which is called MagicScroll, contains high-resolution flexible displays, in which a central, 3D print cylinder can be rolled or enclosed around the body, which contains device’s computerized internal functions.

At the end of the cylinder two rotary wheels allow the user to scroll through the information on the touch screen. When users are tight on an interesting piece of content they want to look deeper, the display can be disabled as a tablet display.

Its lightweight and cylindrical body makes it easy to hold one hand compared to traditional tablets. When stuck, it fits in your pocket and can be used as a phone.

Roll Weighagal, a professor of Canada’s Queen of Universities, said, “We were influenced by the design of ancient books because their shape allows more natural, unprecedented experiences of longer visual timelines.”

The MagicScroll Booklet Wheel allows unlimited book processing for infinite browsing through unlimited books.

“This book has an unlimited experience that provides a fullscreen view of the selected item. You submit browser browsing through instagram timeline, messages, or linked links.” Said Vigga.

In addition to the modern flexible display, prototype also features a camera that allows customers to employ rollup-up magiccos as a prestigious control device – similar to Nintendo’s ‘vimotype’.

The device’s rotary wheels contain robot actuators, allowing the device to move physically or spin into different modes, for example, when it receives notification for example.

“Finally, our hoping tool is to design so that it can do anything as a pen that you can take to your shirt pocket.”

He further said that the MagicScale Project allows us to examine the theory that the screen should not be flat, and any screen can be made. MHN

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