Write For People And Not Search Engines For Better SEO And Larger Buying Cycle

To achieve the desired results in online marketing you will need better SEO results. For this you must know how to reach out to more people, albeit with the help of the search engines. However, that does not mean you will do everything for the search engines because your ultimate aim is to reach to the customers, targeted and beyond. Therefore, you must write for your people and not for the search engines.

The search engines will do their work automatically if your content is good, brief and have relevant keywords. Therefore, your focus should be more on content marketing which involves thoughtfulcreation of contents for your audience. It must be so designed that it influences the audience and inspire them to make a purchase of your product or hire your services sponsored blog post Lists.

To result your content marketing into a defined outcome, rather than a keyword research to drive content creation, you must mapyour contents to the customer buying cycle. It will also require strategiccreation of contents that will provide all the relevant information about your product or services that the audience needs. All these will move them along the buying cycle Download Vidmate App.

About the buying cycle

The customer buying cycle will be influenced by the information that you provide for each if its stages.They will read about your product reviews in your website or even other third party sites such as Tayloright.com to make a purchase decision in the end. When you do so you will experience the following in your buying cycle:

  • Your potential customer will become more aware of your business and know more about your products or services you are selling.
  • When they consume the strategically created content, they will start to consider making a purchase
  • When the potential customer is supplied with lots of relevant information they will be persuaded to make a purchase and therefore converted to your full-fledged customer now
  • It will increase brand loyalty if the potential customer continues to get updated information from your content that will allow repeat purchases
  • It will lead to customer advocacy if your customers have a great buying experience and know a lot about your business so that they start telling others about you

This is all about mapping your content to the buying cycle but this is all in theory. To make it work in practice here are a few things that you should do more. You must combine content marketing and SEO.

However there must be a perfect balance between the two and you must enough skills to do that. Ideally, a perfect balance between content marketing and SEO must have the following:

  • Use of keyword research so that customers can find the topics they are looking for
  • Contentscreated around high demand topics to engage more audience and provide a solution to take them through each stage of the buying cycle and
  • Follow Google’s best practices to get your content indexed appropriately.

These simple steps will allow you to reach to those people who need your product or service.

Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.