Xiaomi Electric Pressure Cooker with an OLED display and app control launched

Xiaomi over the weekend launched a new smart home product, one for the kitchen. The Xiaomi Electric Pressure cooker, as it is called, is a smart electric pressure cooker with WiFi. This is in line with Xiaomi’s drive to make all its products smart such that they can be controlled from a central hub. Xiaomi’s hub is the MIJIA app and from the app the cooking time for different foods can be adjusted, the temperature and pressure can be set to correspond with the recipes. The app also gives users other smart controls over the cooker.

The electric pressure cooker is an upgrade over the traditional pressure cooker and looks very much like Xiaomi’s lineup of rice cookers. It combines the features of the pressure cooker and rice cooker to completely eliminate the safety problems posed by ordinary pressure cookers over the years.

he cooker comes with an electromagnetic stepless pressure regulation  while it uses a Korean cast aluminium lock structure. The device also comes with a large OLED screen. The rated pressure of the pressure cooker is 1.7 atmospheres, which can make the temperature in the pot reach about 114 °C, greatly shorten the heating time.

Read More: https://www.gizmochina.com/2019/01/15/xiaomi-electric-pressure-cooker-with-an-oled-display-and-app-control-launched-for-599yuan-88/

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