3 Reasons Why Customer Satisfaction Should Not Replace Quality Assurance

3 Reasons Why Customer Satisfaction Should Not Replace Quality Assurance

A thumb rule for most companies is to keep the customers happy at all times and most companies go to great lengths to keep customers satisfied. Some of the great companies take customer satisfaction very seriously and they firmly believe that quality assurance can never be replaced with customer satisfaction. There are many ways that a company strives to keep the customers satisfied. They put in place a lot of processes, creative minds and methods to ensure that customer satisfaction is the top priority and these are the companies which have stood the test of times. As consumers we always choose companies which have the highest number of satisfied consumers rather than good quality products.

Some of the ways the ways that a company assures that a company keeps its consumers satisfied are:-

Many companies various kinds of tools or calculations to derive how satisfied their consumers are and these conclusions can be considered pretty definitive because they are often motivated by the number of people who have voiced their satisfaction levels.

There are dedicated teams which call the consumers and ask them about their satisfaction levels and what needs to change in order to help them get greater satisfaction from the product or service.

Let us take a look at why customer satisfaction should not replace quality assurance.

  1. The customer loyalty can shift in a second

Retaining the customer and keeping him or her happy and satisfied is not a matter of joke. Enterprises and companies take great pains to keep the customer satisfied and many aspects such as advertisements, offers, and great review from other customers and taking swift action on feedback received are involved. It obviously requires effort and money to keep this drive going. The moment an enterprise stops doing all this, there is a probability that the customer might shift his loyalties to another brand. This process will not even take a second to happen and all that effort will go to utter waste. Hence it is extremely important that the customer is kept satisfied at all times and the feedback, reviews and complaints that are being raised by the customer are swiftly resolved. In this day and age of competition, when there are hundreds who can replace you in a heartbeat it is a lot of work to retain a consumer and keep them satisfied at all times.

  1. Customer satisfaction is the only way that will help you stand out of the competition.

How will you be differentiated from your competition, who is providing the exact services or products as you are and is probably providing something extra too? Customer satisfaction is the only factor which can set you apart from your competition and in turn attract other customers. It is the only thing which will help you build a niche and prove to the competition that you are the best despite several other factors that the competition may consider advantageous. There are many competitive advantages that you might not be able to provide your consumers but what you can excel in is giving them a great consumer experience. This is the only thing that you have in your hands and no one can take it away from you until you don’t do it very well. A consumer will always rate and consider a great consumer experience far above than many other competitive advantages that the competition aims to provide. If your team of people is working towards making even one consumer happy and truly satisfied with their buying and post buying experience, you have a big advantage and you should keep working on it.

  1. Imagine what a great consumer experience can do to your brand.

What do you think influences consumers to buy from you the most? Great reviews, great feedback and numerous likes; these are the kind of things that influence people the most to buy from you. How will you achieve this, is the most asked question and the answer is that there is no other way but to work at keeping your consumers happy and satisfied genuinely. The more satisfied they are the more they are going to write and post about you on various platforms such as e-commerce websites, social media and many other platforms which matter. You can only imagine what kind of effect it might have on your brand. You will not only go places as a brand but also be considered a consumer’s brand which is a highly attainable tag and is desired by most companies like Zendesk. Thus the only thing that can churn out such positivity among people and help your brand grow is keeping your customers satisfied and happy, for which there is a lot of background work is required and will take months to achieve.


Great quality products are something that every company or enterprise promises. Making great quality products is not that difficult either, you just need to be able to focus on manufacturing the best. All this is in a controlled environment. Dealing with consumers however is completely under situations which are uncontrolled and involves skill and patience.