5 Phone Apps That Enable You to Control Your Car

Learntechnews.com The cars are no more a mean of transportation only, they have become the source of presenting status and much more. With the advancement in technology, it becomes a need for Google, Apple, and car manufacturers to get encroachment there too. And, with this collaboration, numerous apps have been introduced by Apple and Android that enable you to control your car.

One had never thought to check the performance of his/her car, which has now been made possible in an effective and proper way. It is now in hands to probe into each and every attribute of your car. The apps enable you to check out the efficiency of your car engine , fuel mileage, and security issues.

Let’s explore some top rated apps that enable you to control your car

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay


Finding out which app will take care of your major car operations? It is none other than the Auto Android, regarded as one of the best car apps around the globe. There are numerous things to count which it can provide, including quick access to Google Maps. This facilitates you in navigation purposes, estimating the time required to reach a certain place, several ways of the destination. It gives quick drives to messaging and calls for you to stay connected, and gives access to oodles of songs and podcasts.

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Android Auto app opts the features you want about your Android-powered smartphone and places them directly in your car’s dashboard, displaying info on same and easy interface and large icons for your convenience.

There is also an option of voice commands. How will it look to command Google like your baby in your car? Nifty, huh? This can assist you to reply messages using speech-to-text technology.New for this year, is the accumulation of Google Assistant into Android Auto. This addition will help you to keep focus on the road and hands on the steering through intelligent voice controls.

Android Auto’s features are reachable using the touchscreen in your car. Just remember that your smartphone’s screen will be locked when Android Auto is on the go, though you can swipe to unlock it when it looks safe.

Be that as it may, car settings aren’t a part of Android Auto, so the driver has to exit the application to modify climate controls, look through radio stations, or pick a different driving mode. Having said that, Google is now working with carmakers to produce new, Android-based infotainment systems where all of these features will be easy to get from one place How to design a business card.

Apple’s CarPlay captivated us from the moment we plugged in our phone. Its connection to the car is amazinglyall-in-one. Plugging in the standard lightning cable to the USB port immediately brought up the CarPlay menu option. All the functions performed by CarPlay is quite similar to that of Android Auto yet it is applicable with IPhone only. The music, map, voice messaging etc. all are carried out by this app too.

Finding out the better of the two? Due to the general love of Apple everyone would like to give an edge to CarPlay but to be brutally honest both apps allow you to take your hands off the phone and let your voice perform the task. This really is an ultimate victory for both Apple and Google.

myCARFAX- catering your car’s maintenance needs


myCARFAXis a wonderful app catering to the needs of your car maintenance. This means you can keep close weather on a bunch of things. It is the only app which displays your service history and alerts you for the programmed maintenance such as oil change, safety and emissions inspections, tire rotations, brake, filters and vehicle registration.

There is a further feature of myCARFAX that you can search for a mechanic in the CARFAX network. In addition, estimates the repair cost at your fingertips and calculate the efficiency of fuel. Isn’t it mind-blowing? In true sense, it is.

Drivvo- saving your money


Drivvo is such a worthy app that it directly saves your money from wastage. It manages the can maintenance expenses and the cost of fuel consumption. It is now in hands for you to plan which filling station is nearer for refuelling via GPS, directing to the selected station.

It also tracks the average mileage of car in one litre and also averages per day. Thus, using Drivvo you will have a strong grip on the finance of your car. It provides you with the advance reminders and many statistics and reports for the financial control.

Torque Pro- a troubleshooting app


As the name suggests, Torque app is purely made for troubleshooting. It is able to let you know about the engine light and reads codes by pairing via Bluetooth. A useful app for mechanics and for those who can do car work by their own.

It also keeps an eye on a variety of stats from your car. You need not to roam about garages to check the CO2 emissions, it can does this job for free. Torque pro also engulfs other things like GPS speedometer, alarms and warnings and much more. Be that as it may, Torque pro has not been updated after 2015, so there is a need to work on it.


OBD Auto Doctor is an important OBD II car diagnostics tool. It is regarded as the best car diagnostic app for iOS platform. The Auto Doctor application allows you to check and reset the sick codes. Using this OBD II diagnostic app you can mingle with your vehicle’s OBD II system easily, and mark your mobile a very remarkable automotive scanner. OBD II Auto Doctor is a prodigious app for the ones who are interested in knowing more about their vehicle. If you need to control car data in real time or turn off the check engine pointer, this is amandatoryapp.

It enables you to change numerical or graphical view of OBD II sensor data and can send diagnostics data through email. There have been seen some problems in detecting accurate fuel consumption in diesel cars.

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