5 useful video downloading apps on the internet

YouTube allows some of its videos to be saved offline but there is no option to download videos from its platform. There are many times, users find themselves confused on how to download these videos in their devices. But thankfully there are many third-party apps that allow the users to download these videos and use them as well. So today we are going to tell about some of the most downloaded apps for downloading videos online. You can use them free of cost and many features are accompanied by them as well. So let’s start.


Among so many video downloading apps, TubeMate is one of the most downloaded apps on play store. This app allows users to download videos from Youtube. You can also just download the MP3 version of the videos as well. This app comes with an elegant built-in interface which allows users to search videos online and then download them as well. The downloaded videos are stored in phone memory automatically.


Now coming to one of the most loved and the app which offers a lot of features, Vidmate for Android is your go-to place when you want to download something from the internet. With its faster download option along with great video quality, this app is loved by all. The app is built on a very user-friendly interface which can be used by all. The pool of videos is so large and you can watch Live TV as well on this app. When you start using this app, you will just like this app so much.


SnapTube is known as one of the most trustworthy sites when it comes to downloading videos from Youtube. Built on an elegant user interface, the popular sites are organized with popular and most viewed videos in categories. This app can be used to share videos within the app with different platform including Facebook, Instagram, etc. The downloaded content is stored automatically in your phone’s memory.


This app aims to provide actual Youtube experience without bothering users with annoying apps. This is a third-party app to download videos from online and store them in your phone memory. The best thing about this app is that it allows you to use this app for playing music in the background while using other apps. It offers different file formats and resolution as well for downloading videos online and you can save them any way you wish.

YouTube Go

This is a perfectly legal app from downloading video online from YouTube. This app is designed by Google itself. It will not give you any unnecessary trouble and allows you to download content from YouTube. It also lets you share these videos offline with the users.

Well, with all these apps you can actually download the content from the internet and save it for offline purposes. These apps help a lot and now that you have a list, you will never find yourself in trouble while downloading your favourite app.

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